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The bed bug is commonly associated with sleeping humans, which is where it gets its name from.
Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) remain hidden during the day, preferring cracks and crevices, and will come out at night to feed. Despite being called bed bugs the first place you should look is the headboard or side tables, from there they can be spotted in mattress corners, buttons, or beading. When dealing with a heavy infestation they produce a distinctive sweet odour.

Signs of a bed bug infestation:
– Welts and irritation on your body caused by the bites
– Faecal smears or blood spots visible on bedding
– Molted skins

Bed bug treatment should be done with great care as they are easily transported via luggage or linen changes resulting in a significant infestation.
A treatment is carried out by trained Pest Control Officers, who can spot the signs and can effectively recommend additional preventative measures, such as thoroughly washing all linens and vacuuming. Depending on the severity of the infestation – a spray or powder will be applied to the affected areas.

Bidvest Steiner will monitor bed bug activity, especially in hotel rooms and will always adopt the treatment of the affected room as well as the rooms either side, above and below the affected room.

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