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Bidvest Steiner is a leading sanitary hygiene equipment supplier in South Africa. The sanitary hygiene equipment (SHE) solution offered by Bidvest Steiner provides an all-in-one sanitary waste collection and disposal service. We ensure each cubicle in the ladies’ restrooms on your premises has a sanitary bin to collect and store sanitary waste hygienically and safely. In addition, we collect and dispose of the waste from these bins safely and compliantly.

As a preferred sanitary hygiene equipment supplier in South Africa, Bidvest Steiner offers SHE bins you can coordinate with your toilet paper roll holders, waste bins, soap dispensers, etc. To ensure the highest level of hygiene, Bidvest Steiner will service and collect your sanitary bins regularly.

Bidvest Steiner also provides SHE bin options with the guarantee of replacing all units at each service, freshly sanitised and lined with bactericide to eliminate odours and germs. Our regular servicing and offsite disposal of SHE bins to ensure the highest level of sanitation to protect your staff and customers from hazardous waste.

By partnering with us as your sanitary hygiene equipment supplier in South Africa, we will empty the bins every four weeks. However, depending on the number of cubicles on-site, they may need to be emptied every two weeks.

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We collect the waste from the SHE bins at regular service intervals either on a 7 day, 14 day or monthly frequency. Bidvest Steiner staff clean and disinfect the bins and replace the fragranced bin liner to contain any bacteria accumulating between services on your premises.

Lastly Bidvest Steiner removes the waste from the client site in discrete SHE bags / trolleys, and disposes of it in the legally prescribed manner. A simple solution that ensures dignity, compliance and a hassle free experience.


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