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Birds are everywhere, and while there is nothing naturally wrong with that, when they mix in spaces that are shared by people, they can pose several dangers. Filled with parasites and pests, they can contribute to the spread of allergens which contribute to an unhealthy environment.

People are especially vulnerable to the risk of an unhygienic environment created by the presence of birds. Birds can cause structural damage by nesting in buildings, causing gradual destruction. They also affect the aesthetic appeal of the building by shedding feathers, droppings, and pieces of broken nests.

Although birds are not considered as pests, they contribute to a bigger network of pests as they can carry other pests such as fleas or lice.

A bird management program should be a consideration for any office environment.

RoboRaptor and Laser are an eco-friendly an sustainable bird control option. An autonomous / robotic peregrine falcon that assist to keep unwanted bird species at bay. Birds have an inherent fear of peregrines, this product mimics this falcon by moving its head & wings and it sounds like peregrine protecting its territory.

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