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Why are automatic flush and chemical dispensing systems critical? Most people don’t flush a urinal after use, resulting in a greater build-up of uric acid in the plumbing, leading to bacterial growth and bad odours.

Bidvest Steiner is a leading toilet hygiene maintenance supplier in South Africa. Our urinal screens reduce splashback with each flush while deodorising and refreshing the urinal. Furthermore, its translucent colour provides a clear view of the urinal drains and will catch any debris before it enters the urinal’s drain. In addition, the auto-flush urinal unit is our ultimate sanitary urinal solution, keeping fixtures clean and hygienic while reducing uric acid build-up and unpleasant odours.

Touchless technology eliminates potential contamination points, and an infrared sensor flushes the urinal automatically two to five seconds after use. Furthermore, during our monthly maintenance visits, our toilet hygiene maintenance suppliers in South Africa service the batteries on these auto-flush urinal units.

You’ll want to partner with a reputable toilet hygiene maintenance supplier in South Africa to eliminate that musty odour in the men’s lavatory. An automated urinal cleaning system reduces and prevents scale build-up in urinals by dispensing a cleaning product into the urinal at set intervals. This contributes to an odour-free environment.

Bidvest Steiner also offers Flowsaver – an innovative patented technology that prevents unnecessary urinal flushing when your washroom is empty and ensures minimal flushing when in use, saving up to 70% of urinal flush water.

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By automating this simple process with our autoflush, these problems are solved at their core. Automatic flushing means no touching and therefore no cross contamination.

Our autosanitiser provides a consistent chemical dosing into urinals and toilets. They clean, kill germs and provide a fresh fragrance. They are serviced regularly by Bidvest Steiner to ensure a hassle free, self sustaining dynamic.

Our equipment is professionally installed into the sparge pipes of urinals and cisterns of toilets to ensure that the chemical is effectively distributed in the water such that it has contact with all surfaces maximizing cleanliness and hygiene.


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