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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of hand washing and sanitising was emphasised. Bidvest Steiner’s hygiene solutions include a range of push and touch-free foam and liquid soap dispensers, vanity top soap dispensers, spray dispensers, industrial hand care, auto-spray and foot pedal hand sanitiser stands, and elbow hand sanitiser dispensers.

It’s crucial to partner with a reliable hand soap and sanitiser dispenser supplier in South Africa to ensure people using your washroom can effectively take care of their personal hygiene and limit the spread of microorganisms.

In office spaces, shop fronts, and areas where soap is not a practical solution, hand sanitisers can ensure everyone feels safe and cared for, knowing they have a disinfecting solution at hand. In addition, choosing Bidvest Steiner as your hand soap and sanitiser dispenser supplier in South Africa will help ensure a positive reputation among your customers.

Please view our product range before to learn more.

Thankfully with our range of hand washing solutions you will have the tools you need at a cost to suit your pocket.
When to wash your hands:
– When hands are visibly dirty
– Before touching food
– After going to the toilet
– After blowing your nose
It only takes 20 seconds to wash your hands properly. Time well spent.

Our first point of contact with germs is other peoples’ hands. Unfortunately, many people do not wash their hands after using a toilet. Frequent use of a hand sanitiser minimises your chances of getting sick in your inevitable daily interactions with people, ensuring you are at your best and most productive at work. Hand sanitiser is handy in water scarce areas or applications for hand washing. It kills 99.99% of harmful germs and is fast drying. No towel required. Our range of hand sanitiser dispensers are lockable and robust eliminating consumable theft and vandalism and consumable cost is well controlled through metered doses dispensed per shot preventing unnecessary waste.


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