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Hygiene Wipes

Wipes offer added convenience, whether for cleaning hands or surfaces. Bidvest Steiner is a leading hygiene wipe supplier in South Africa, offering a wide range of options to suit your needs, budget, and sustainability programmes. Our 100% biodegradable viscose wipes do not contain plastic to ensure less impact on the environment. Hygiene wipes are important inside and outside the washroom.

Having hand and surface hygiene wipes on hand ensures a clean environment. Our sanitiser wipe dispensers make it simple for businesses to maintain workplace hygiene. Many daily activities necessitate getting our hands dirty, including counting money, handling stock and paperwork, and, most importantly, shaking other people’s hands. With sanitising wipes, surfaces and hands are effectively cleaned in seconds. As a hygiene wipe supplier in South Africa, we provide a convenient way to improve safety and cleanliness.

As a hygiene wipe supplier in South Africa, we offer a broad range of specialised products to enhance and maintain workplace hygiene.

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Our offers as a specialised hygiene wipe supplier in South Africa include surface wipes, toilet seat wipes, hand wipes, etc.

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