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About Bidvest Steiner – Leaders In Health And Hygiene

Bidvest Steiner is a service-orientated organisation providing hygiene rental equipment, office consumables, deep cleaning, and pest control services to various businesses and institutions across all industries, including government, medical, recreational, hospitality, and corporate facilities throughout South Africa. We offer these Bidvest Steiner products conveniently online.

We believe in careful needs analysis by trained hygiene consultants to ensure our client receives the best Bidvest Steiner products and value for their budget and needs. As such, we are customer-focused and driven to serve, and constantly exploring new ideas and the latest innovations in health and hygiene.

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Feminine Hygiene Dispenser
Fem Hygiene Dispenser
Wall mounted | Providing single units of pads and tampons for women.
Innovative patented technology that prevents unnecessary urinal flushing
Liquid Dispenser Volcanic Range
Liquid Dispenser
Closed cartridge system ensures no cross contamination when decanting
Feminine Vending Dispenser
Fem Vending Dispenser
Cashless System | A vending machine providing packs of pads and tampons.
Aerator Tap
Aerator Tap
A water aerator atomizer attachment that can be integrated into most outlets.
Aerator Tap
Brush Ware And Mops
Our range of brushware and mops ensures you can do quick surface cleaning.
Aerator Tap
Bird control | RoboRaptor is an eco-friendly an sustainable bird control option.
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