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To keep floors clean, dirt must be stopped at the door. Mats trap dirt at the source, reducing slip and fall hazards. Bidvest Steiner is a leading quality doormat supplier in South Africa with a range of appearance, grease and logo mats to keep your reception and other key areas clean and dust free.

As a quality doormat supplier in South Africa, we believe the key is ensuring your mats are cleaned and laundered regularly. Therefore, Bidvest Steiner collects dirty mats and replaces them with freshly laundered ones on a schedule to suit your requirements.

An appearance mat is perfect for locations with high foot traffic from the outside. In addition, we can customise the mat with your company logo for an elegant welcome. It’s just one more thing that sets us apart as quality doormat suppliers in South Africa.

Grease mats are designed to soak up oils, fat, cooking grease, and moisture in food preparation areas. This ensures no dirt is tracked into a clean area. However, because these mats become filthy fast, they must be exchanged and laundered frequently.

All our mats feature edged borders, allowing for easy movement of trolleys and wheelchairs over the surface. Please view our product range before to learn more.

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