Water is an essential component of practicing good hygiene throughout all buildings.
With a scarce resource needed, it is vital to manage usage in the most responsible way. At Bidvest Steiner we are focused on Environmental, Social, Governance or ESG and how we can share our commitment to other facilities.

Flowsaver is an innovative patented technology that prevents unnecessary urinal flushing when your washroom is empty and ensures minimal flushing when in use, saving up to 70% of urinal flush water.

Uncontrolled or excessive urinal flushing wastes water and money. The FlowSaver system is designed to match the urinal flush cycle to the washroom traffic, ensuring optimum hygiene and savings.

FlowSaver uses an infrared sensor linked to a valve installed into the water supply of the urinal. It detects movement up to 3 metres away and schedules flushes accordingly or defaults to standard settings.

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