The Benefits Of Air Towel Dryers

Bidvest Steiner

Restrooms in a commercial setting, like a restaurant, store, or other places of business, are usually equipped with either air towel dryers (hand dryers) or a paper towel dispenser. However, whether you are completing a major remodelling project or considering a minor upgrade, you may wonder which option is the superior choice. There are several factors to consider, and ultimately, air towel dryer suppliers in South Africa can advise you on the best option for your needs.


Air towel dryers are an expensive initial investment. However, the long-term cost of using air hand dryers is significantly lower because the ongoing cost of using paper towels can be substantial. On the other hand, an air hand dryer uses electricity to power it, but the duration of air bursts is moderated. You can consult with different air towel dryer suppliers in South Africa to discuss options in line with your budget. In addition, Bidvest Steiner’s hand dryers are energy efficient, offering further cost-saving.


One of the issues with using paper towels in a facility is the struggle to keep the restroom clean. In addition, air towel dryer suppliers in South Africa know that presentation means everything. When your staff does not service the restroom regularly, paper towels frequently end up outside of dustbins and on the floor, and bins can easily overflow. A filthy, littered bathroom can reflect poorly on your company, but this will not happen if you use an air hand towel dryer. While visual cleanliness is a vital consideration, there’s a debate about whether hand towels are sanitary. However, Bidvest Steiner’s hand dryers feature high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters to ensure hygienic hand drying.


Finally, there is some convenience to using air hand towel dryers. The truth is that your staff will not have to service the restroom as frequently to refill an air hand dryer. Your employees will also not have to clean up after themselves. With the help of an air towel dryer supplier in South Africa, your company’s resources can be better spent on serving customers and performing other critical business functions by using an air dryer for hands.

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As you can see, there are several reasons why air towel dryers are essential in your business. You can spend time researching different air dryer models to find the one best for your restrooms, or contact Bidvest Steiner, a leading air towel dryer supplier in South Africa. Please browse our website and ask for an obligation-free assessment to assist in maintaining a safe work environment.


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