How fat trap dosing systems work

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Fat trap dosing systems digest grease and other organic waste safely and cost-effectively, preventing FOG (fats, oils, and grease) from clogging plumbing systems and grease traps. It drastically reduces the need for expensive grease trap cleaning and maintenance. As a result, working with a fat trap dosing system supplier in South Africa is crucial to ensure your industrial kitchen remains safe and compliant.

How do fat trap dosing systems work?

Triglycerides, which include fats, oils, and grease, have a typical molecular structure that consists of a glycerol headpiece with three fatty acid chains attached. The enzyme lipase catalyses the removal of the fatty chains from the glycerol headpiece during the first hydrolysis stage of breakdown. The second stage is beta-oxidation, in which the free fatty acids are cleaved, two carbon units at a time, to form acetyl co-enzyme A – water and energy. Finally, acetyl co-enzyme A enters the Krebs cycle (TCA cycle/citric acid cycle) to be oxidised into carbon dioxide and water, resulting in energy production.

Dosing schedule

Fat trap dosing system supplier in South Africa will ensure your free dosing pump delivers a consistent daily dose of dosing during low flow periods, for example, early morning and/or late evening. The dosing pump and bacterial treatment are housed in a wall-mounted stainless steel lockable box.

Benefits of fat trap dosing systems

  • Fat trap dosing systems create a biofilm on the inside of pipes that have been shown to keep sinks, drains, and plumbing systems in good working order. It eliminates clogs, foul odours, and the need for harsh chemicals.
  • Fat trap dosing systems digest fats, oils, and grease in clogged grease interceptors, reducing the frequency of costly waste disposal. In addition, your fat trap dosing system supplier in South Africa should ensure consistent results by controlled dosing through a battery-powered peristaltic pump.
  • Fat trap dosing systems are completely safe to use and meet all licencing requirements.

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