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We are the industry leader in health and hygiene services for Corporate South Africa. Come and discover a new world of workplace solutions to take your business and image of professionalism to the next level.

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Having professional hygiene services in place is not only healthy and attractive to customers and employees; it’s also a legislative requirement. In terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, employers are obliged to provide their employees with three basic hygiene staples.

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Pest Control

Pests are a destructive force of nature which cost businesses hundreds of millions of Rands in damages every year. From restaurants, to warehouses and even your own home, proper measures to keep pests under control is mandatory. A pest free environment is a healthy one.

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A convenient consumable supply service for all your hygiene and janitorial needs. We have a variety of quality products available at competitive prices and free door to door delivery. We offer easy ordering, account facilities, regular deliveries, and qualified sales support at the branch for added peace of mind.

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What is Integrated Pest Management?

22 January 2018

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Tips for Using Shared Bathrooms

22 January 2018

Shared bathrooms is not one of those things one can say they look forward to. We all know a person or two who would rather hold it till they get home but sometimes nature has the last say. So here are a few tips for those instances if you fit the latter.

Always Keep Tissue in Your Pocket

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Office Hygiene: 3 Vital Things You’re Forgetting to Do

22 January 2018

Office Hygiene: Appearance matters more than we think when it comes to business and keeping the office clean has tremendous benefits for your reputation and it has an overall positive impact on staff morale. There are however a few vital things that we tend to forget mainly because they are easy to ... read more