A reminder of the benefits of liquid hand sanitisers

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There are several advantages to using antibacterial liquid hand sanitiser. Hand hygiene is an essential part of any personal hygiene routine. It reduces the risk of picking up unwanted germs and bacteria and helps to prevent your germs from infecting someone else if you are sick. Although hand washing is a simple and effective method of keeping hands clean, there are many situations when access to washing facilities is not possible. Furthermore, many public washing facilities may be unsanitary, implying that hand washing is of limited benefit. In these cases, an antibacterial liquid hand sanitiser is an excellent choice.

Working with a liquid hand sanitiser supplier in South Africa, you can offer your staff and visitors several benefits.

Hand sanitiser is effective at killing germs

Liquid hand sanitiser is effective for killing bacteria and viruses. Unlike other portable cleaning materials like tissues, wet wipes, a damp cloth, or a water spray bottle, hand sanitiser can be more effective. While a wet wipe may mechanically remove germs, they are not dead but simply displaced. Displacement leaves active, living germs on the skin, unless you know that there is alcohol in the wet wipes. Furthermore, if the hands are not quickly and completely dried after wiping, the germs are left in a warm, damp environment – ideal conditions for growth.

In addition, bacteria will not develop resistance to the ingredients of liquid hand sanitiser like they can to soap. Common Antibacterial soaps contain Triclosan, which has been linked to the worsening of antibiotic-resistant bacteria strains on the hands. Since alcohol is the active ingredient in liquid hand sanitisers, there are no such issues with hand sanitisers. It kills bacteria by a process known as denaturation, which means it completely dissolves bacteria.

Comprehensive cleaning in one

Germs are removed mechanically through washing movements and chemically when you wash your hands through the action of soap or detergent. Similarly, when using a liquid hand sanitiser, the washing movements used to distribute the sanitiser evenly across the hands aid in removing dirt and grime. The sanitiser’s alcohol then kills any remaining germs. This dual action provides greater effectiveness than simply cleaning or disinfecting. Remember that the sanitiser should be allowed to dry for the best results, forming an anti-microbial layer on the skin’s surface.

Easy to transport

Leading liquid hand sanitiser suppliers in South Africa can place sanitiser dispensers in locations where traditional hand washing facilities are unavailable. As a result, hand sanitiser can go almost anywhere that people gather, whether next to workers on a desk or retail checkout point.

Simple, one-bottle solution

While other cleaning methods necessitate a method of wetting, a method of drying, and possibly another aid for disinfection, liquid hand sanitiser performs a complete cleaning operation with just one product.


In addition to keeping hands clean, liquid hand sanitiser can be used to clean surfaces, phones, handles, push buttons, etc., before use it works well as a general disinfectant for small areas where conventional cleaning methods are unavailable.

Quick solution

One common reason people do not wash their hands is that it is quicker to walk away after using the restroom. If you must walk to the bathroom before getting a snack and you’re starving, it’s easy to justify skipping hand washing to satisfy your hunger faster. Because it is faster, liquid hand sanitiser is far more convenient. There is no need to wash with soap and water for 20 seconds to ensure that all germs have been removed.

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Using sanitiser has numerous advantages and doesn’t need to be limited to viral outbreaks. Being able to quickly kill pathogens on your hands makes it easy to prevent infections from spreading. As such, Bidvest Steiner continues to provide liquid hand sanitisers to schools, healthcare facilities, government agencies, retail outlets, etc.

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