Why you need professional pest control for silverfish

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Silverfish aren’t a big deal in small numbers, and they’re easy to get rid of, but a large infestation can be disastrous for your business. These little serpentine insects thrive in damp, humid environments like kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and other dark, isolated areas. As a result, they can be found in a wide range of everyday items in businesses, including books, wallpaper, paintings, fabrics, carpets, coffee, sugar, pasta, and food waste.

You can use some traditional methods, but they do not guarantee silverfish control. This is where Bidvest Steiner comes into play.

Health risks associated with silverfish infestations

Silverfish scales contain a protein known as tropomyosin, which can combine with other allergens and cause allergic reactions in some people. A person may also be allergic to the droppings of silverfish. Furthermore, silverfish can contaminate food.

Notable signs of silverfish infestations

Silverfish typically eat paper, but they can also cause damage to clothing, carpets, and other fabrics. They have also been observed devouring books, food, and dead insects. The presence of these small, wingless insects is the most common sign of a silverfish infestation. In addition, damage to paper products, clothing, carpets, and other fabrics is also an indicator. If you have a silverfish infestation, the best thing you can do is call a professional pest control company like Bidvest Steiner that has the experience and expertise to remove silverfish quickly and effectively from your business.

Hire a professional silverfish control service

It is better to contact a reliable silverfish control service. Pest control companies have a team of experts trained to remove various kinds of pests and rodents.

We will guide you with the possible silverfish eradication plans. Silverfish infestations are a nightmare for every business as it causes extreme inconvenience and a potential health risk.

Why contact Bidvest Steiner?

Bidvest Steiner offers pest control services to businesses of all sizes. We understand that each company is distinct and requires silverfish control services tailored to the nature of its operations. Therefore, Bidvest Steiner pest control strives to protect your property from unwanted infestations by providing reliable and effective solutions. We offer silverfish control services that use high-quality products for complete assurance. Furthermore, all our treatment methods and pest monitoring materials adhere to USDA, SABS, and local regulations.

Our pest-specific routine treatment programmes emphasise pest species identification, followed by specific elimination treatments and maintenance treatment methods. As a result, Bidvest Steiner’s pest control is inexpensive, effective, and eco-friendly. These pest control solutions are also both practical and long-lasting.

Our environmentally friendly pest control strategy is supplemented by our low-impact pest control programme. It can be customised to effectively rid your property of pests while considering area-specific chemical and pest thresholds.

We conduct a thorough pest risk assessment of your property to create a complete picture of your silverfish control needs. Then, we will protect your facility from silverfish infestation through a preventative monitoring and baiting programme.

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