Why you need professional pest control for rodents

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Nothing is more aggravating than dealing with a rodent problem on your commercial property. According to health reports, rodents consume or contaminate approximately 20% of the world’s food yearly. Rodents can quickly cause infestations, and the worst part is that getting rid of rodents is not as simple as we believe. You can use some traditional methods, but they do not guarantee rodent control. This is where Bidvest Steiner comes into play.

Why are rats infesting my business?

Weather, food, and reproduction rates are the most important factors that attract rats.


When the weather turns cold outside, rodents prefer to build their nests in warm places. However, because of their small size, they can easily enter through small holes or entry points. As a result, they usually build their nests in the garage, attics, or even a secluded corner of your basement.


Rats will nest wherever there is food. They will scurry through your kitchens and warehouses in the middle of the night to find the tiniest morsel of food to satisfy their hunger.

Reproduction rate

When rodents are ready to give birth, they prefer to nest in warm places like homes. In addition, rats prefer soft nesting materials they can easily rip up, including insulation, cardboard, paper, etc. This is why offices, warehouses and storage facilities provide a comfortable nesting environment for mice.

Health risks associated with rodent infestations

Rodents, like rats and mice, spread diseases directly or indirectly. This demonstrates how dangerous rat infestations can be to one’s health.

Notable signs of rodent infestations

You will find different clues if rats are present in your home or business. In addition, sometimes you will hear noises, letting you know they are in your office.

Notable signs that rats infest your workplace include:

  • Chew marks on your furniture, wires, or food.
  • Smudge marks, droppings, and a distinct smell
  • Squeaking or scratching noises.
  • Finding small food chunks all over. Mice mostly come out at night. So if you see crumbs, rodents may have made their way into your office.
  • Lastly, seeing one running to hide.

If this is the case and these signs are present in your home or business, you should seek a rodent control company like Bidvest Steiner.

Hire a professional rodent control service

It is better to contact a reliable rodent control service. Pest control companies have a team of experts trained to remove various kinds of pests and rodents. You can start with the initial consultation and inspection.

After that, we will guide you with the possible rodent removal plans. Rodent infestations are a nightmare for every home or business as it causes extreme inconvenience and a health potential risk to you, your employees, guests, etc.

Why contact Bidvest Steiner?

Bidvest Steiner offers pest control services to businesses of all sizes. We understand that each company is distinct and requires rodent control services tailored to the nature of its operations. Therefore, Bidvest Steiner pest control strives to protect your property from unwanted infestations by providing reliable and effective solutions. We offer rodent control services that use high-quality products for complete assurance. Furthermore, all our treatment methods, rodenticides, and pest monitoring materials adhere to USDA, SABS, and local regulations. In addition, we offer HACCP and food safety quality control. HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points) is a food safety quality control system that aims to eliminate root causes of food contamination.

Our pest-specific routine treatment programmes emphasise pest species identification, followed by specific elimination treatments and maintenance treatment methods. As a result, Bidvest Steiner’s pest control is inexpensive, effective, and eco-friendly. These pest control solutions are also both practical and long-lasting.

Our low-impact pest control programme supplements our environmentally friendly pest control strategy. It can be customised to effectively rid your property of pests while considering area-specific chemical and pest thresholds.

We conduct a thorough pest risk assessment of your property to create a complete picture of your rodent control needs. Then, we will protect your facility from rodent infestation through a preventative monitoring and baiting programme.

Contact Bidvest Steiner for details

Please contact Bidvest Steiner today to learn more about our rodent control solutions.




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