Why your business needs a reliable SHE bins supplier

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Sanitary bins are required in all restrooms for hygiene reasons. Whether you own a restaurant, a small business, an office, or an entire shopping centre, sanitary disposal products like sanitary bins are required in all facilities.

Suppliers of sanitary hygiene equipment (SHE) bins provide each cubicle on your premises with hygienic elements to complement your business. You can match it to your toilet paper roll holders, waste bins, soap dispensers, etc. These bins are essential for collecting and storing sanitary waste hygienically and safely. This discrete method makes it possible to dispose of items conveniently and safely.

Employers are responsible for providing adequate washroom services, including the necessary disposal bins, which can be obtained from all leading SHE bin suppliers like Bidvest Steiner. Their service also provides an all-in-one sanitary waste collection and disposal service.

SHE bins, like any other product in your restroom, must be cleaned and emptied regularly to ensure the highest level of hygiene. If you are maintaining the bins yourself, always wear gloves and protective clothing. Alternatively, SHE bins suppliers Bidvest Steiner will frequently service and collect your sanitary bins.

In addition, Bidvest Steiner supplies SHE bin options with the guarantee of replacing all units at each service, freshly sanitised and lined with bactericide to eliminate odours and germs. They schedule regular servicing and offsite disposal of SHE bins to ensure the highest level of sanitation so no staff or customers are exposed to hazardous waste.

SHE bins suppliers Bidvest Steiner will empty the bins every four weeks. However, depending on the number of cubicles on-site, they may need to be emptied every two weeks. In addition, they will remove the Sanitary Disposal unit from your business, securely dispose of the contents, and replace the unit with a sterile and clean SHE bin.

While office cleaners can empty a SHE bin, it’s recommended that the professional SHE bins supplier takes care of this since sanitary waste disposal in workplace bins is unsanitary for those who use the general waste bins. In addition to safe disposal, the containers must be adequately sanitised and cleaned.

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