The benefits of grease mats

Bidvest Steiner

Floor mats are a building necessity that many people overlook. These mats have many benefits, from anti-slip and aesthetically pleasing visuals, to providing user comfort and collecting dirt and moisture in your buildings.

Often, mats have an anti-slip rubber backing surface in addition, these heavy-duty floor mats are also ideal for trapping dirt that might be tracked inside or from one business area to another.

Instead of constantly standing on hard and uncomfortable concrete or tiled surfaces, workers and employees can get a thicker, more flexible, and cushion-like surface to stand on, therefore providing better support and less aches and pains throughout the day resulting in a less stressful and more productive work environment. Furthermore, they reduce the likelihood of slips and falls, allowing for a much safer working environment.

Called many names, grease mats can also be used in commercial settings like a hotel to keep your reception and office space looking spotless and clean. There is nothing like a pure white reception area where any number of customers are free to hang out, and grease mats on your floor ensure it stays in its original condition.

Bidvest Steiner’s grease mats are designed to absorb oils, grease, and moisture, like water. While they are typically used in restaurants, at the entrance and exits of the kitchen where grease and oil can be walked from a dirty place to a clean area, they are incredibly versatile, and can be used in locker rooms and gyms. For example, their edged borders reduce the risk of stumbling and make it easier to transport trolleys and wheelchairs across the surface.

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The first rule of cleaning the floors is to keep dirt at the door. Bidvest Steiner will keep your reception offices and other key areas clean and dust-free with logo, appearance, and grease mats. These mats trap dirt at its source and help to reduce slip and trip hazards caused by slick floors. The key is to keep your mats clean and laundered on a regular basis. We collect dirty mats and replace them with freshly laundered ones weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, based on your needs. Please browse our website and ask for an obligation-free assessment to assist in maintaining a safe work environment.


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