The Most Efficient Ways To Organise Your Cupboard

An organised cupboard is one of life’s most simple joys. You look for something and you find it. If you go through your cupboard and an item is not there, you can effortlessly ascertain that it has been lost or stolen. Conversely, a messy cupboard can be a nightmare for most. Just imagine – you are about to venture on a big night out on the town and you cannot locate that slick outfit that you wanted to wear for the said outing. Thankfully, you do not have to fall prey to a messy cupboard. Here are some of the most efficient ways to organise your cupboard.

Make An Inventory

You should begin by making a list of all items that you have in your closet. Creating an inventory will give you a better handle on sorting out your cupboard. Besides – how can you truly organise your cupboard if you do not have knowledge of what it contains? Yes it may be tedious but unloading your closet’s contents is a must.

Remove The Clutter

As you go through your closet, you should see what is of use to you. If you don’t use it, it should not occupy precious cupboard space. Clothes that are not in use should be donated. Not only will you be freeing up cupboard space, you will also be doing a good deed in the process. That on its own will liberate you from the unnecessary clutter. Use the five month rule – unless something is of sentimental value, if you have not used something in the last five month, get rid of it.


Store Some Of Your Clothes

As the clothes that you wear will be dependent  on the season, you need to make a call on what clothes you will store away. Apart from the seasonal clothing, you can also store away clothes that are of sentimental value. When you have completed the selection of what you will store, place those items in a space economical plastic bin. The said bin can be placed in a non-obstructive spot in your room such as behind a door or under your bed.

Group Item Types

Your bedroom closet needs to be organised in a systematic manner, not unlike the files that you would arrange on your desktop. In order for you to be able to quickly pinpoint a specific item, you should group item types together. For example, pants should be hung side by side, shirts should be hung side by side and so on. You can actually make this sorting style more efficient by grouping the items according to colour or brand.

Get Good Quality Hangers

You should invest in some durable hangers. Using the same type of hanger looks a lot neater as a result of uniformity and it keeps every item at the same level. Quality hangers should not bend under stress from clothing weight. Steer clear from wire hangers. They can hinder the shape of your clothing.

Organise The Miscellaneous Items

Get a shoebox and toss your odds and ends into it. It will definitely make it a lot easier to pin-point those items when you need to use it.

Organise Your Shoes

After you have made a call on what shoes you are going to keep, you can also group them by colour and style. The shoes that you use most frequently should be in the easiest spot to  access them from. Get a shoe rack that you can either hang on the door or store at the base of your cupboard and arrange your shoes accordingly.

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