Bathroom Cleaning Made Easy

Your bathroom is one of the most important spots in your home. It always needs to be in tip-top condition. A messy bathroom is gross. Imagine if you have guests over and your bathroom is not clean, that will leave a horrible impression on your guests. For the sake of good hygiene, your bathroom should be immaculate, always. Here are some great tips for keeping your bathroom nice and fresh and the best part is, it will leave the room looking freshly scrubbed in 15 minutes or less.

Get A Dust Bin

A great starting point is to make use of a dust bin. This will definitely be needed to store any dirt or rubbish and pretty much the easiest way to neaten up a room.


This is probably the least favourite part. Go to your toilet and give it a good flush. Then grab some bleach and pour it into the bowl, under the rim. Allow it to sit as you make you way over to the next task on hand.

Start Shining

Find an old spray bottle and fill it with water and white vinegar – make sure that you do this in equal parts. You should then spritz the solution onto a paper towel or better still a microfiber cloth… Look for any spots throughout the bathroom that could contain soap spots, toothpaste splatters, grime and so on and start wiping. You should give your shower door the same treatment.

Go Back To The Toilet

Use another cloth, dip it into the water/vinegar solution and give your toilet another wipe. Flush the bleach that has been stewing in your toilet bowl and discard the dirty cloths or paper towels into the dust bin. Keep an eye out for other litter that could have slipped past your eye like an empty toilet paper roll.

Attack The Corners

Corners are favourable spots for accumulating dirt. Use a damp rag to wipe them to remove hair, dust and other potential foreign particles. The dirt will easily stick to the damp rag.

Break Out The Towelling Socks

This may seem a little silly but it actually works quite well. Put on your old towelling socks and then dip your feet in some mildly soapy water. You can then walk through as much floor surface area as you can cover. Very soon, your bathroom floor will be spotless. It may be unconventional but it is a fun method and it gets the job done. Alternatively, have a look at our floor cleaning products and floor hygiene consumables.

Add The Finishing Touches

Make sure you put out fresh towels, straighten your bathroom mat and freshen up the bathroom with spraying some air freshener. If you want to take it a step further, burn some scented candles to liven up the senses

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