How To Clean Your Smartphone Screen

For most people, their Smartphone is an extension of their arm. They are constantly using it and especially since this is the advent of touch screens – your Smartphone screen will certainly get grubby very quickly. Touch screens make provision for a whole new level of grubby because you will not be able to wash your hands every time before you use your phone – it will just not be practical. In all probability, your Smartphone’s screen is in need of some serious cleaning. If that is the case, you are in luck. Here’s a great feature on how to clean your Smartphone screen with relative ease and efficiency.


Get A Microfiber Cloth

You should get a microfiber cloth for cleaning purposes. These cloths are easy to acquire and they are extremely common and cheap. Most spectacles and even some  sunglasses are accompanied by a microfiber cloth. They are fantastic for wiping screens, even if your Smartphone is fragile, you can safely clean it without scratching it.


Turn Off Your Device

While most will concur that this step is optional, if you intend on dousing your cloth in liquid, it is perhaps best that you switch it off to avoid running any unnecessary risk of electrical damage and you will also be able to see the dirt on the screen more clearly.


Wet Your Cloth

Your cloth should be ideally, lightly dampened with water. However, ensure that you do not wet the entire cloth but rather a portion. You do not need to add soap or any cleaning detergent to the water.


Wipe The Screen

Using the damp part of the cloth, wipe systematically by wiping from one side to the other. You can choose to either wipe vertically or horizontally. There are those who advocate wiping the screen in small circles as it is said to remove the stubborn dirt. However, it can also rub dirt into your screen and damage it. Take heed not to press too hard to avoid loosening the mobile’s screen.


Dry The Screen

In the same manner that you wiped the screen, you should then dry your screen, i.e. wiping horizontally or vertically from one side to the other. If there is a little extra moisture, you should then leave it to air-dry.


Alternatively, you can follow the same steps but instead of a microfiber cloth and water, you can opt to use a wet wipe.


The process of cleaning your Smartphone’s screen is pretty straight forward. You should take heed to never spray liquid directly on the screen as you run the risk of it leaking into your Smartphone and it being damaged. Lastly, make sure that you wash your hands regularly to keep the formation of dirt and grit (on your phone’s screen) at a minimal

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