The Best Ways to Remove Washroom Odours

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Removing unsavoury washroom odours goes beyond just trying to mask specific smells. Keeping a sanitised space can make a world of difference, and lay the foundation for a fresh smelling environment that never makes the team or office visitors feel uncomfortable. Over and above COVID-19 protocols, maintaining a space that is clean and hygienic at all times is a way to show that you’re running a professional operation, going above and beyond just impressing potential clients with the layout of your boardroom. 


The Hidden Sources of Washroom Odours

Bad smells come from many sources, and aside from the obvious sources related to the human body, problems like broken seals in urinals, or the undoing of the wax ring around the toilet could cause a build-up of waste in some of the unseen crevices. This will allow bacteria to multiply over time, which will potentially lead to a more regular need for a deep clean. People generally don’t respect public bathrooms as much as those they have at home, so it’s best to be prepared for all scenarios and to have a cleaning schedule set up that can help keep things fresh and sparkly on the regular. 


Using The Right Cleaning Products

A good cleaning schedule is a good place to start, but will only get you so far if you don’t have the right cleaning products. Rather than banking on those that mask foul smells, it’s important to consider your natural cleaning supply options that might be better for long-term hygiene goals. Turning to chemical cleaning products is a must in a corporate environment, although there are many options on the market that do their best to reduce potential harm to the environment. Research the various options out there, and in combination with natural add-ons, the cleaning team will be unstoppable on their quest to keep the washroom smelling fresh. 


Spray for eliminating washroom odours


“After The Fact” Cleaning Methods

A good cleaning strategy with the right supplies is the first step to maintaining a healthy washroom. It is still a good idea to have a few other “after the fact” options for keeping the space smelling good, including adding windows to the space to include airflow, buying air fresheners for the toilets and urinals, or even investing in an air purifier. The age-old solution of burning a candle could be a good idea too, although you do run the risk that someone will leave it burning, which can lead to other safety problems in the building. Ask the team for ideas, and use those that everyone seems most comfortable with. 


Bankable Washroom Hygiene Solutions

If it’s the first time you’re trying to get a handle on bathroom odours in the building, you’re in good company with the Bidvest Steiner team. Introducing the right washroom hygiene solution alongside the best cleaning products for the job can help with anything from a regular to a deep clean. Germs and bacteria multiply faster than we even know, which can quickly result in a bad situation that leaves a lasting bad impression with a staff member, or worse, an office visitor. If you’re looking to create the best smelling, most hygienic washroom space that covers all bases, reach out to us to learn more about the best way to do so without having to carve a large chunk out of the yearly budget.

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