How to Properly Clean and Disinfect Washroom Tiles

Tiles that can be disinfected with the right methods

Over and above knowing some general best practices for cleaning the bathroom, it also helps to know about as many of the ways to disinfect the space, and in particular if it has tiled walls or floors. Every bathroom also needs a deep clean from time to time to make sure that there isn’t any lingering grime that can quickly build up if left unattended for too long. Whether you’re after a sparkling space at home or the office, these are the ways to ensure that the space will be hygienic and in tip-top shape with every clean. 


The Ways Washroom Tiles Get Dirty

Tiles might seem like they aren’t prone to getting too dirty, but prolonged exposure to a moist and damp space can lead to all kinds of growths of mould or fungi. Not always evident to the naked eye, bacteria and dirt can hide themselves pretty well, and in no time at all the dirt will start to give the space a dishevelled and unkempt look. Some detergents only enhance the dirt on the tiles, especially those that are designed to trap it, rather than get rid of it. Although the tile may look relatively clean, in practice it may just be the illusion of the soap scum matching the colour of the tile.


Two Easy Options For Sparkling Washroom Tiles

One of the easiest ways to clean and disinfect bathroom tiles is to use a home made solution of vinegar. A 50/50 volume split between water and vinegar will do the trick, and a spray bottle will come in handy to help it spread across the surface of the tiles. This is particularly useful for treating soak scum, and buffing it while trying helps to avoid streaks that might make each tile look dirtier than it was. A second option you can use is to mix one part water with two parts baking soda. This is perfect for cleaning grime, and only needs to be rinsed with hot water when you are done scrubbing. For more porous tiles, try something a little bit less acidic (like baking soda in combination with peroxide, for example).


Bathroom tiles that need to be disinfected


Taking Things a Step Further

Some tile types can be harder than others, especially if grime and bacteria start to collate in the grout, which can be tricky to clean properly. If you’re finding it difficult to keep the tiles clean and disinfected, it’s possible to take things a step further by introducing some deep cleaning measures into your plan. Start by vacuuming the hardest of the surfaces, which could be more effective than wiping. Be careful not to scratch the tiles or damage the grout. A microfiber mop dipped in the right cleaning product can also help. If the thought of doing this on every single tile seems like an impossible task to you, it’s best to think about enlisting professional services for the job. 


A Deep Clean Solution For Tougher Jobs

A deep clean solution from the Bidvest Steiner team can take care of and make dramatic improvements to even the dirtiest of spaces. We’re proud to offer no obligation assessments to our customers too, in order to help them get a sense of exactly what it will take to restore the washroom to its glory days. Germs and bacteria often multiply quite quickly in the bathroom, mostly because of the damp nature of these rooms. For this reason, you shouldn’t take it too personally when it starts getting out of control at home or the office. Enlist a professional service for thoroughly cleaned and disinfected bathroom tiles on a regular basis.

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