How to Deep Clean Your Office After Construction

Renovation projects can take home and office spaces to the next level, but few people think about the related dust and dirt, and how this can affect the hygiene level of the space once the construction process is over. A thorough clean is crucial no matter how long it took for the project to be completed, especially so because with so many people in and out of the space, you also run the risk that someone unwittingly brought COVID-19 or another viral infection into the building. Ultrafine dust can be a health hazard to anybody living or working in the space, and a layer or paint can also give off toxic fumes. There can be no price tag on health, which is why a deep clean is always a good way to go. 


Deep Cleaning After Minor or Major Renovations

No matter whether the job was big or small, a deep clean is required to get the space back up to its full potential. COVID and other viral exposure aside, you may also have to deal with spills or other accidents, which could have left stains in the carpet, or on the walls. Although this might fall under the responsibility of the construction company to take care of, sometimes they are quick to put their hands up and point to a clause in the contract after the fact. Other times, they are happy to pay for it to be resolved. Regardless of how it goes down, you’re going to need a deep clean to solve the problem, which is why having a practical solution on hand is always a useful thing. 


Start with Fresh Air

One of the first things to talk to a cleaning service provider is to do what they can to clean the air. Fresh air can mean the difference between feeling good or being stuck with a headache for the entire day. Doing so requires a thorough vacuum of any carpets, after all the windows have been opened. The more air circulates, the better. This is especially important if the renovation includes a paint or varnish job. A dedicated cleaning team will know all about it, but it can’t hurt to reiterate the fact that the air has to be fresh and clean right from the beginning of operations. 


Bricks from a construction site at an office building


Important Additional Steps To Clean The Space

Other important steps to keep in mind should include sweeping all surfaces, including walls and ceilings. Mopping and disinfecting of floors is a must. Any type of upholstery should also be vacuumed, in case dust has lodged itself into the fibres. Give doors, knobs, computer hardware and other items commonly used a thorough wipe down, ideally with a 70% alcohol sanitiser product as an added precaution. It’s important to remove all trash and debris as soon as possible. Although this should have been worked into the contract with the builder, sometimes items are still left behind. 


Using a Reputable Full-Service Deep Clean Provider

If all of this sounds like a lot, or if you don’t have the time or resources to manage a deep cleaning project, get in touch with the Bidvest Steiner team. We’re really proud of our deep clean services, which have been used by companies across South Africa for many years. We love seeing clients with big smiles on their faces after we’ve tackled an office space, and after a long renovation process, this kind of peace of mind might be exactly what you need to start fresh with a brand new chapter of operations.

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