The Best Pest Control Companies in South Africa

Commercial Pest Control Services In South Africa | Bidvest Steiner

Dealing with pests in your personal or business space is a great way to quickly turn a good day into a bad one. Although you might be tempted to try a quick fix, this will likely only be a temporary solution. If you don’t want the problem to return, especially if it is affecting the mood or productivity levels in the space, it’s worth getting a professional service to do the job properly. Here are the best pest control companies South Africa has to offer for effortless pest alleviation for your home or office.


The Hidden Costs of Foregoing Pest Control Services

Although bringing in a pest control service will result in a callout fee, the financial investment is nothing in comparison to the “hidden costs” associated with trying to take care of the problem yourself. You’ll be spending a lot of time and energy on this, which takes away from your overall productivity levels and ability to solve problems related to generating income for the business. You also won’t have peace of mind when it comes to the problem being fixed, which is not the case when you work with a professional to get things sorted out. Financially, a returning problem could also cost you more, especially if the pest is causing structural damage to part of the house, or office.


Bidvest Steiner

If you want to get the problem solved quickly and without much fuss, Bidvest Steiner is right up there with the best of the best in the industry. Holders of certificates and memberships from professional bodies and organisations to prove the quality of their work, they are always available to take care of the pest problem itself, as well as the related spread of allergens or bacteria from the infestation. The team offers thirteen different types of pest control, including getting rid of ants, cockroaches, fleas, rodents, snakes, termites and more. 


A fly on a flower outside of an office space



Pestatermite doesn’t only have a creative name. They have a decent reputation too, with over two decades of experience in the pest control sector. Their team has gone through rigorous training and each member is licensed with the department of Agriculture, adding an extra notch to their legitimacy belt. Focusing on homes and offices, the company can take care of different types of termites, fishmoths (silverfish), bed bugs, mole crickets and some of the more common pests that might pop up from time to time. 


Eco-Smart Pest Control

With a name like Eco-Smart Pest Control, you just know that the company has the right approach to going about their services. In a world where sustainability and protecting the planet has become tantamount, these guys offer pest control services using environmentally friendly products. Serving a collection of areas in the country, they are the perfect fit if you’re looking for greener solutions for pest infestations. They also offer unrelated services with the same philosophy towards eco-friendliness. Flies, fleas and ants don’t stand a chance when these guys are in town. 

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