Where to Buy Office Cleaning Consumables in South Africa

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The new year is right around the corner, and your business might need a bit of a spring clean to start it on a good note. A deep clean is always a good idea, and will have your team returning to the office after the Festive Season with smiles on their faces. In order to clean any space, you need to have the right products and consumables for the job. Knowing where to look for these in the first place makes the job half as difficult. The following companies are the best of the best when you need to buy office cleaning consumables in South Africa in 2022.


Stocking up on Cleaning Consumables

It’s no secret that the pandemic has really shaken things up, especially when it comes to regularly maintaining a hygienic workplace. Post-COVID, many companies are upping their game and adapting their cleaning strategy, fully aware of the dangers of not taking this seriously. A good way to be able to handle short-term cleaning is to stock up on cleaning consumables whenever possible. By having a steady supply of the best products on the market, you not only make the job of cleaning easier for the people employed to do so, but will also be prepared in the event of an emergency (like someone starting to display flu or COVID symptoms). 



Industroclean’s online brochure will tell you everything you need to know about the office cleaning consumables they stock. When it comes to high quality cleaning consumables, they know what they’re doing, and like to pair up specific products with the specific needs of businesses across different sectors. It’s worth noting that these guys specialise in consumables for the retail industry. Finding the right fit for your business is easy thanks to their catalogue, which displays products per category, or per industry.



Bidvest Steiner

Bidvest Steiner not only provides everything you’ll need to make the office safe and sparkling. They also provide a deep cleaning service that can take your efforts to an entirely different level. That’s not even mentioning that they offer free door-to-door delivery when you order from them. From air care (fresheners and disinfectant sprays) to brushware, mops, floor care and other general consumables, their catalogue features the widest range of options you’ll find in South Africa. They even offer options for laundry care, and urinal products to help make sure that germs are less likely to spread in a public space like the company bathroom. 



G.Fox might be renowned for selling PPE across the board, but they also set the bar high for cleaning and chemical products to make life easier for companies in South Africa. Think soap and paper dispensers, polishes, pesticides and even washroom products. This is the tip of the iceberg, and with a large reserve of warehouse storage it’s unlikely that you’ll run into a stock problem, even with bulk orders. With twelve branches across the country, you’ll find what you need and more when you make them your supplier of choice.

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