The Best Hygiene Companies in South Africa

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Looking to contract a cleaning company to make sure the office is hygienic and sanitised at all times? You’re not alone. In the wake of the pandemic, more companies are carving out extra budget for doing so, in a bid to keep their employees safe and the environment as clean as possible. With so much competition in the local market, knowing where to look for the cream of the crop when it comes to a cleaning provider can be a challenging task. Thankfully, we’re here to cover some of the best hygiene companies South Africa has to offer in a post-COVID working landscape. 


Post-COVID: Adaptable Hygiene Companies

The best hygiene companies in the country have one new thing in common with each other as a result of the pandemic: they are adaptable. These businesses not only had to pivot with regards to their products and service as soon as COVID hit, but have also been tasked to keep an eye on all the ways they can help to minimise the risk of viruses or bacteria spreading in a public space like an office. Hygiene companies have to find ways to improve their products at all times, as well as incorporate some of the latest technologies to make it easier for them to service their clients regularly and effectively. 


African Corporate Cleaning

African Corporate Cleaning knows all about being adaptable, introducing COVID-19 sanitising and disinfection services as soon as lockdown was announced. This hygiene company works from the basis that their clients come first, and they take the trust relationship very seriously. Their range of cleaning services spans beyond just the pandemic, and includes automatic cleaning, food safety, pest control and even window cleans. They’re ahead of the game too by offering solar panel cleaning services, which are not as common just quite yet in the South African market. 


A hygiene team sanitising a client space


Supreme Hygiene

Another option to consider when you’re looking for a hygiene company you can bank on is Supreme Hygiene. Quality is the name of the game for them, and their business focuses beyond just offering a deep clean service. They try to get the foundation right by offering top notch soap dispensers, hand dryers, waste bins and more. This allows your business to stay clean and sanitised in between cleans as well. They also do a good job when it comes to services and maintenance, and will be able to answer all questions you have about the ways to improve the overall cleanliness of the office. 


Bidvest Steiner

It’s impossible to mention excellent service without touching on Bidvest Steiner, a leader in the South African market. From washroom hygiene solutions, to consumables, deep cleans and pest control offerings, they truly are a one-stop shop when it comes to keeping your office spick and span. With thirty branches over the company, you won’t struggle to find one near you. Quick to respond to the pandemic, they’ve continued the good momentum by adding antimicrobial treatments to their service offering in 2021. With a 24 hour turnaround, this shows innovation and offering the market what it needs at its best.

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