The Best Hand Sanitiser Machines For Your Office

Hand sanitiser nozzle

Hand sanitisers might have been popular with a niche audience before March 2020, but since the start of the pandemic they have become a staple at home, the office and even when you’re traveling between them too. Although soap dispensers have always led the pace in terms of popularity, COVID-19 has changed the game forever, and sanitiser machines have begun to be incorporated into most retail and corporate spaces. If you’re looking to get your space up to scratch, the following machines are the best of the bunch. 


Why Sanitiser Machines Are Important

Pandemic aside, hand sanitiser dispensers have always been important as a weapon to combat the spread of germs from surface to hand, hand to hand or hand to mouth. We were all taught to wash our hands when we were little, and although most people say they do it regularly, this isn’t always the case. Sanitiser dispensers allow for a “quick fix” hand washing substitute at all hours of the day, but especially when entering or exiting a building where you’ve come in contact with various people, or objects. By cleaning your hands with an alcohol-based sanitiser, you not only avoid spreading general germs, but also ensure that the team is less likely to get a cold or the flu once winter rolls around. 


The Hand Sanitiser Foot Pedal Stand

When you’re looking to avoid people touching the bottle of sanitiser to begin with, the Hand Sanitiser Foot Pedal Stand is the best way to go. The lack of contact helps to prevent the spread of germs from someone touching the bottle before they actually sanitise their hands. We love this product because it makes provision for a 2L bottle, meaning it can be used multiple times and refills will only be necessary from time to time. Not only that, but it looks pretty cool too. 


Staying healthy during COVID-19


The Hand Sanitiser Elbow Dispenser

Another way to go is to consider the Hand Sanitiser Elbow Dispenser, which mounts to the wall and allows users to use their elbows rather than having to touch it with their bare hands. This is an innovative new product in the range of sanitiser machines that have been developed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It may come in more handy at the entrances of bathrooms, whereas a foot dispenser might be good for a store front or reception area. Whichever way you end up going, the idea is to make it as safe as possible for anybody to use. 


The Hand Sanitiser Auto Spray Stand

If you’re considering going all out, we’d recommend the Hand Sanitiser Auto Spray Stand, which comes with a built-in automatic sensor spray that offers an entirely touchless solution to users. This state of the art machine offers 300ml top-up bottles, adjustable spray settings and is designed to fit into any modern office or retail space. Some have said it looks like something out of Black Mirror. It can even provide hand or surface sanitiser, which is useful if you have a space that usually sees a lot of foot traffic. 

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