Where to Buy Paper Towel Dispensers in South Africa

Bathroom using a towel dispenser

Paper towel dispensers have been popular for decades, most notably because they are a hygienic way for a group of people to have access to paper towels without spreading germs through handling a separate, mobile roll. COVID-19 has made this even more important, as the world has started to prioritise health and sanitation in an entirely new way. When you’re looking to buy paper towel dispensers in South Africa, it helps to know where to look. Today, we’ll cover some of the best suppliers to choose from, in order to make the process as seamless as possible for you. 


Paper Towel Dispensers and COVID-19

Before we dig into the list of suppliers you can bank on, it’s worth touching on the pandemic and how this has increased the demand for paper towel dispensers in corporate settings. They are growing in popularity because they are more hygienic than keeping a standalone-roll in an open setting, where it can be passed around from person to person, or even dropped on the floor by mistake. Taking care and avoiding the spread of germs has been crucial in global attempts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Paper towel dispensers have been a part of the fight, and have risen more prominently into the forefront of the minds of business owners, who are all the more keen to keep their employees safe and happy as the world navigates a “new normal” at work. 


Supreme Hygiene

A supplier like Supreme Hygiene makes navigating this “new normal” relatively easily. Their range of paper towel dispensers includes auto towels with mini sensors, manual choices, an option for compact folded paper, as well as an auto feed paper system, which is great for safe disposal. Their recommended products list (which isn’t always huge, but is still worthwhile to consider) provides a five year guarantee, which is unmatched by most competitor options. From installation all the way through to training and future repairs, they’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a solution no matter where in South Africa you are.


Don't run out of toilet paper or paper towels


Nuwkem Hygiene

Another option to keep in mind before you buy a paper towel dispenser is Nuwkem Hygiene, a Germiston based company that has been around for 15 years, and is showing no signs of slowing down. From their barrier towel dispenser through to folded options, it’s worth keeping them in mind if you’re after a more simple solution for your office space that doesn’t come with too many bells and whistles, or fuss. Although their catalogue is easy to download on their website, they don’t offer any prices, which can make it a little more complicated to collect comparative quotes. 


Bidvest Steiner

Last but certainly not least, Bidvest Steiner is a leader in the sector, readily available to provide products to customers based on their personal preferences and budgetary constraints. We love the fact that their range is designed to not only cater to paper towel dispensing, but also to encourage a clean and healthy bathroom space by providing options for safe disposal too. From their cotton towel cabinet through to the more advanced auto SS surface mounted option, their team is able to cater to spaces of all shapes and sizes. The Mystique auto paper towel cabinet is a bestseller for a reason, and a good place to start if you’re adding dispensers to your office for the very first time.

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