Can Hand Sanitiser Machines Help Save Water?

Hand sanitiser before being used in the machine

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, hand sanitiser machines have become a regular part of daily life. You can’t walk into a shop or corporate office without being offered sanitiser in some way or another, which is still very important as the vaccine rollout continues gradually. The big question many businesses are starting to ask is whether a hand sanitiser machine can help save water at the office. Does it discourage people from using hand soap? Is it a possible substitute for this in the restroom? We’ll touch on these questions and more today, in a bid to get to a definitive answer on the matter.


The Rise of Sanitiser Machines

When the pandemic first arrived, people everywhere scrambled to get their hands on sanitiser because of a worry that there may not be enough supply to meet the increased demand. Alongside mass production to keep stocks shelved, companies jumped into action to create sanitiser machines and systems to encourage good health practices across the country. This includes companies releasing touchless options, foot dispensers, elbow activators and more. Automatic sanitiser machines have become popular alongside businesses reopening, and the pandemic really cracked open the market in a way that hadn’t happened previously.


Does Hand Sanitiser Replace Soap and Water?

This is one of the biggest questions that have popped up since alcohol-based sanitiser became a staple on weekly shopping lists. Hand sanitiser can not completely replace soap and water, no. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), hand washing reduces the amounts of all types of germs and contaminants on the hands. Hand sanitiser with 60-70% alcohol can be used as a temporary replacement when water isn’t available, and subsequently helps to avoid germs being spread from hand to mouth, which ultimately leads to getting ill. It is not an all-encompassing problem solver in the same way soap and water is. 


Washing hands instead of using hand sanitiser


Saving Water By Using Hand Sanitiser

Even though hand sanitiser can’t replace soap and water, it does have some benefits that can help to save water. Hand sanitiser is a great substitute for when water isn’t readily available, like when you enter a car, or if you’ve just touched a public surface (like an ATM) and don’t have access to a restroom immediately. If everyone rushed to the loo whenever this happened, water consumption would increase tenfold all over the world. The same applies to water use at the office. Encourage office workers to use sanitiser whenever possible, and to use soap & water a set amount of times in a day, in order to help keep overall usage manageable. 


Getting a New Hand Sanitiser Machine For The Office

Getting the team to use hand sanitiser as an interim solution to a couple of set stints of hand washing over the course of a work day can be a challenge if you don’t have dispensers around the office. Bidvest Steiner has a variety of hand soap and sanitiser dispensers that could tick both boxes. From spray stands to elbow and foot pedal dispensers, our range has evolved over the last twelve month in order to cater to as many different business types as possible. Touch free options are the way of the future, and have a look at some of our bathroom soap dispensers too if you’re looking for an all encompassing solution that can encourage good personal hygiene, while using water sparingly too.

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