Maintaining sanitary urinals

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Because of their nature, urinals attract and can contain more infectious germs and bacteria than any other fixture in your bathroom. Furthermore, daily cleaning does not always remove the build-up of bacterial growth, hard water deposits, and scale. Therefore, these fixtures require special consideration when considering office deep cleaning services.

A business’ restrooms will leave an impression – good or bad. Aside from being unsightly and odorous, blocked urinals compromise hygiene standards and are costly and difficult to resolve. Most cleaning products will mask the odour in both waterless and flushing urinals but will not address the source of the problem. As with any problem, getting to the root of the cause is preferable to masking it with a quick fix. Bidvest Steiner provides thorough deep cleaning services for all aspects of washrooms to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for staff and guests.


Our washroom deep cleaning service is a manual abrasive cleaning process that ensures scale is removed from urinal traps, preventing blockage and flooding.

Once your urinals are thoroughly cleaned, we offer a range of hygienic solutions to ensure your organisation’s urinals remain sanitary.

The disk and dome urinal sanitiser requires no installation and emits a strong minty scent. It contains a bio-enzyme block that has more active ingredients than other deo-blocks. These bio-enzymes degrade uric salts and limescale in drains and pipes. In addition, it contains no harmful chemicals or paradichlorobenzene.

Urinal sanitisers and urinal screens, in conjunction with the Bidvest Steiner cleaning enzyme, can be applied to the floor and inside the urinal to penetrate cracks, pores, and surfaces where organisms accumulate, leaving a cleaner surface.

Urinal screens lessen splashback while deodorising and freshening the urinal with each flush. In addition, its translucent colour allows for a clear view of the urinal drains and will catch any debris before it makes its way into the urinal’s drain.

Our ultimate solution for a sanitary urinal is the auto-flush urinal unit that keeps fixtures clean and hygienic while reducing uric acid build-up and unpleasant odours. The touchless system eliminates potential contamination points, and an infrared sensor will automatically flush the urinal two to five seconds after use.

Daily cleaning procedures

Restrooms can have a long-term impact on how a customer perceives your establishment. Because of Covid-19, we’ve all had to reconsider what it means to be clean. While Bidvest Steiner can deep clean your washroom and offer urinal sanitisers and urinal screens monthly, it’s critical to maintain daily cleaning of your company’s urinals. Ensure your cleaning personnel have access to personal protective equipment (PPE) like gloves, etc.

  • First, remove and dispose of waste around and inside the urinal trap.
  • Next, flush the urinal to ensure there’s no clogging.
  • Then, disinfect internal and external surfaces.
  • Finally, wash or safely dispose of wipes, paper towels, cloths, etc., used to clean the urinals.

Don’t forget to wash and dry the floor to avoid slipping and accidents.

Making urinal visits more pleasant

You can further improve a visitor’s experience more pleasant by adding air fresheners to your company’s bathrooms.

Wall-mounted air fresheners emit a pleasant fragrance to maintain better air quality, particularly if your restroom’s fans aren’t working correctly. Most wall-mounted units simply use a cartridge that emits a mild, pleasant aroma, making it a low-maintenance alternative. A more effective solution is a battery-powered unit, programmed to release aroma with odour neutralising properties regularly. These can be more durable, and their batteries will be checked as part of Bidvest Steiner’s monthly maintenance.

Contact Bidvest Steiner for details

Cleaner, fresher restrooms are just a few clicks away, thanks to Bidvest Steiner’s solutions like auto flush urinal units, urinal screens, and urinal sanitisers, in addition to our deep-cleaning services. Please browse our website and ask for an obligation-free assessment to assist in maintaining a sanitary work environment.

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