How to Deep Clean an Office Carpet

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If you’re starting to notice that the office carpet is looking a little dirtier than usual — especially if the environment gets a lot of foot traffic over any given day — a deep clean might be on the cards for sooner rather than later. Knowing how to go about the process can save you time, money and energy, creating a system that can be used for years to come. Today, we’ll touch on how to deep clean an office carpet, as well as pointing you in the right direction if you’d prefer to find a professional service that will take care of it for you. 


Why is a Deep Clean Necessary?

Aside from not being aesthetically pleasing, a deep clean is necessary because it contributes to the overall health of your employees. Carpets are known for carrying germs and bacteria, often invisible to the eye, that can contribute to making employees sick and increased absenteeism in the long run. In a post-coronavirus world, a sanitary working space is going to be more important than it has ever been. A (regular) deep clean offers peace of mind, a sparkling clean office and a way to show the team that the management team takes their health and happiness very seriously. 


Step 1: Vacuum and Treatment

The first step in the deep clean process is to vacuum and treat any visible stains or spills you see on the carpet. A good vacuum might help to loosen it up, alongside some of the soil, debris and dust that might have been dragged in from outside. Any of these three can carry all types of pests and bacteria into the office, and over and above a regular vacuum at the office, a deep clean can help to target efforts in a better way, making sure that all corners of the office end up looking sparkling and fresh.


Woman standing on a clean office carper


Step 2: Add a Cleaning Solution

Once you’ve completed the vacuuming process, try a basic vinegar and water solution on some of the stains that just won’t seem to budge. This is a better option than opting for harsh chemicals which may end up damaging or ruining parts of the carpet. The cleaning solution will be able to treat most stains, although you should expect that other tougher ones might need expert assistance to take care of. Worst case, these sections may need to be cut out and replaced by the carpet supplier. 


Step 3: Leave Time for it to Dry

After adding the cleaning solution, leave the section of the carpet for a while, blotting where possible to help the stain particles to detach from the surface. Air drying is the best thing to do, which requires having some patience. All-in-all, the process shouldn’t be too time consuming. If you would prefer to have experts look after the process, the Bidvest Steiner is available to cater to any of your deep cleaning needs. We can help with offering the best advice for removing stains, and thanks to decades of experience, we’re able to treat pretty much any stain imaginable during the process.

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