How to get a holiday clean office

Clean up before you lock up

December holidays are just around the corner, and whether you’re hanging out on Clifton beach or heading to the Magaliesburg Mountains, you’re sure to have a fantastic break, feel refreshed and ready to tackle 2017 when you return.

Hold on, sounds ideal doesn’t it? Now picture this. You return from said holiday only to discover that no one has thought to give the office a cleanup before everyone left.

There’s a horrible smell coming from the dustbins, you notice something that’s dried and crusted on your keyboard. Not only that – you spot a few flies tapping against the closed windows, and a cockroach scuttles over your desk.

Not so ideal.

That’s why we have put together this handy holiday cleaning checklist.

Simply set aside some time and let everyone chip in. Your office will be spic and span, smelling fresh and ready to bid farewell to 2016 in no time at all. Think of a pre-holiday cleanup as a preventative measure to ensure the health and hygiene of the office is at its best.

Not sure where to start? Simply print your checklist and follow these 3 easy steps.

  1. Desks first

Everyone should take responsibility for their own workstations and then move onto common areas in smaller teams (Business owners or managers can consider an incentive here for the team that does the best job).

What to clean:

  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Armrests
  • Keyboards
  • Phones
  • Electronic devices
  • Empty dustbins

Don’t forget to supply employees with the appropriate cleaning materials, such as all purpose cleaners, anti-bacterial cleaners, sponges, microfiber clothes, sanitizing wipes and rubber gloves (for the staff with sensitive skin or nails).


  1. The kitchen/break room

It is important to clean this area properly as it’s one of the areas that easily attracts germs, bacteria and pests such as flies.

  • Empty the fridge of perishables or expired food
  • Give the inside a wipe down with an anti-bacterial cleaning product
  • Clean the microwave – inside and out
  • Clean the coffee machine
  • Empty the dustbin
  • Sweep the floors of any dirt or crumbs


  1. A final sweep

Once the main areas of the office have been cleaned, take a walk around, making sure nothing has been missed. Check drawers and cupboards. Look under desks and behind doors.

Cleaning before you lock up is important, but don’t forget about the rest of the office. Doing a quick once over in terms of organizing your immediate workstation, including a quick digital clean-up and organizing the rest of the office will go a long way in helping you start afresh on your return.

A final sweep with the broom and a couple of sprays of air freshener will keep the air from going stale in the interim.

A clean office is something to look forward to

Now that your office is neat, tidy and clean, you can go on leave knowing that the hygiene aspect has been taken care off. No nasty surprises on your return.

Have a wonderful, safe and restful December break from all of us at the Bidvest Steiner headquarters.

Does your office washroom require an intensive clean before the end of the year? Contact us today for a professional deep cleaning service.

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