The Most Prevalent Office Pests in South Africa and How to Spot Them

An office pest that is typically found in South African workspaces

Discovering an office pest can turn a good day into a far more challenging one. Depending on how intrusive it is by nature, it may even bring operations to a standstill. Although pests are common in homes and commercial spaces around the world, there are a few specific ones that are most prevalent and commonly found in South Africa. Knowing more about these, including a few details about how to spot them, can help you take swift action to restore the office to its sparkly, normal self.



South Africa’s warm climate is the perfect breeding ground for many different ant species, who are always on the lookout for their next meal. While not known as the most obtrusive pests to have to deal with, especially as they are generally considered cleaner than their counterparts on this list, they can still access food and spoil a good meal that has been brought into the office from home. Ants are relatively easy to identify, and many types are brown or black in colour. Although you may be tempted to reach for the Doom right away, getting a professional in to handle the job will make cross-contamination all the less likely at the end of the day. 



Somewhat more repulsive than their feeble ant cousins, cockroaches should always be a cause for concern. These pests multiply at an exponential rate, meaning they should be taken care of right from first sight. Identifying them is easy enough, as they leave small black droppings that are usually about a millimeter wide. Smear marks are not unusual, especially on walls or near cupboards. Once you spot these, it’s important to take proactive steps to eradicate the infestation right away. 


A home office that is free of unwanted pests



When it rains a lot, mosquitos have a way of creeping into spaces and annoying people to absolutely no end. Although nothing is more frustrating than a buzzing mosquito when you’re trying to sleep, it’s even worse when you’re already irritable at work and have to contend with a bite or three during the course of your tasks. Mosquitos are often attracted to light, which makes it easier to direct them to other areas of the space, especially when working during night time. Though they shouldn’t be much of a problem during the daytime, putting some preventative measures in place can never hurt, especially if the office is located near a larger body or stationary water source.



One of the worst pests that can invade an office space, rats are known to cause damage to property, for their ability to spread disease, and because they are quick to contaminate any food sources. The Bidvest Steiner has dealt with hundreds of pest control calls related to removing these from office spaces, primarily directed by spotting urine, gnawed holes, nests and hearing noises in the roof. The office pet might also respond fearfully to hearing them go about their business. If you’re looking to take care of the problem for good, a deep clean and pest control combo might be the best way to go.

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