The Best Eco-Friendly Cleaners for Your Business

Example of what an eco friendly spray cleaner might look like

It’s 2021, and if your business is anything like the others in the world, you may have also started thinking long and hard about how you keep your office space clean during a global pandemic. Although many companies are starting to return to their old office spaces again, things are very different than before the lockdown, and everyone is hyper sensitive about the cleanliness of any potential space they go into. A lot of business owners have gone into the direction of buying the strongest cleaning products they can find. The problem is that many of these are not eco-friendly, so while they might clean very well, they’re not doing the planet any favours. Today, we’d like to share a couple of cleaners that can do the job, as well as contribute to sustainability as well. 

What Is An Eco-Friendly Cleaner?

An eco-friendly cleaner can be defined as a product that uses ingredients with sustainability and environmental friendliness in mind. The idea is that they should allow the business to carry on with its cleaning routine, while at the same time being safe for the cleaner to use, as well as offering the least harmful impact on the health of the planet. Three products that are setting a good example in this regard include the Cater Gobbler, an enzyme based cleaner that is very popular in manufacturing and food processing businesses. The Steiner Cleaning Enzyme (a great alternative) might be ten times more effective now than when it was first created, but it certainly isn’t more harmful to the environment as a result. The Oxy-Clean stain remover is a must-have for those unforeseen accidents (like coffee spills on the carpet). In combination, these three eco-friendly products are a must-have if you run a business that is set on going and staying green in the long run.

What Makes A Cleaning Product Eco-Friendly?

When you’re looking for an eco-friendly cleaning product, it helps to know the differentiators that sets it apart from other more harmful counterparts in the market. These products typically avoid phosphates, chlorine, artificial colors and fragrances. Although it’s common for companies to market their products as biodegradable, this tends to be a tool to draw people in, rather than being a practical consideration, especially for a cleaning product that dissolves naturally into water. Another factor to keep in mind is whether the product itself was made from sustainable practices. Sustainability and eco-friendliness stems from the entire supply chain, not just the end product. Don’t be shy about asking manufacturers or suppliers about some of the steps they’ve taken to ensure that their products are created with this in mind. 

Getting Your Hands On Eco-Friendly Cleaners

One company that considers this at all levels is Bidvest Steiner. This counts for their hygiene equipment, cleaning consumables, pest control services and much more. Although the company has been around for over six decades, they’ve made a commitment to sustainable practices. Their products are designed to help companies become and stay eco-friendly. More importantly, they aren’t set in their ways. With a team of experts at the helm, the company is always exploring new ideas and innovations to bring the best possible products to the market in a timeous fashion. 

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