Essential Car Care Products for Your Business Fleet

Example of car care products in use on a business vehicle

If your business is on the up, and you’re adding more commercial vehicles to your fleet in 2021, there’s more to think about than just keeping them clean. As a result of the pandemic, companies are being forced to take a long hard look at how to keep all their operational equipment hygienic and sanitised at all times, especially if your fleet is responsible for the transport of goods that will eventually land in consumer’s hands. So how can you go about taking care of the vehicles in the name of the business? Start by making sure you have the essential car care products necessary, which we’ll outline for you right here. 

Business Fleets vs. Personal Vehicles

We should start by making a clear distinction between a car that’s a personal asset, and one that is owned or leased by a business. Your business fleet should not encompass the personal vehicles of your employees unless company cars are a benefit as part of their employment contract. A business fleet refers to any cars, trucks or more that are leased or owned in the name of the business, with you as the owner being registered as the proxy contact responsible. A business fleet requires cleaning, maintenance, repairs, insurance, tax handling traffic fines and much more. For this reason, it has to be well organised and managed, preferably by a permanent member of the team. 

Moving Away From Clean Cars, To Sanitised Ones

It’s no longer good enough to only look at your business fleet as a series of vehicles that have to be cleaned from time to time. These days, it has much less to do with the way they look, and much more with how sanitised and hygienic they are inside. The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened restrictions for companies all over the country, but especially those that use their fleet to transport or sell products and services. This means that having the right equipment to make sure the commercial vehicles are not only sparklingly clean but safe and sanitised too, has become one of the most important considerations for all business owners to keep in mind. 

The Best Business Fleet Care Products

Luckily, there are some incredible business fleet care products out there in the market, which can be used no matter whether you have a few vehicles in your fleet, or if there are hundreds to think about. When it comes to fleet care products, they should be easy to buy in bulk and should be able to do what they say they do without leaving you with too many hassles. A great car interior cleaner (preferably one that can be used on vinyl, plastic and rubber), car polish, shampoo and tyre shine should always be on the monthly business budget. Throw in some disinfectant wipes, spray, and even a digital thermometer too, in case drivers have to interact with warehouse staff or customers and would like to give everyone peace of mind that they are not displaying any symptoms of illness. 

Long Term Care For Your Business Fleet

It can be challenging to find great deals on these types of products, which is why it helps to have a reputable supplier on speed dial. Bidvest Steiner has been around since the late 1950s and has been supplying cleaning products, office consumables and other hygiene-related equipment to businesses of all shapes and sizes over the years. The company only sells tried and tested products as part of their catalogue, and when it comes to the essential car care products we’ve mentioned here, they’ve got you covered. By the time you’re deep cleaning the office as well, they’ll be an easy option to turn to in order to make the process as simple as possible for everyone involved. 

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