The Best Touchless Hand Sanitiser Stations

Two Touchless Hand Sanitizer Stations

These days, the less we have to touch anything, especially in public spaces, the better. Hand sanitiser stations have become staples for so many businesses and in so many homes, and forward thinking consumers have realised that by going touchless (or with an option that involves the least physical interaction possible), these stations offer peace of mind about potential cross-contamination from person to person. While COVID-19 is still running rampant around the world, this becomes essential, in order to keep employees and customers safe at all times. So what are some of the best touchless (or little interaction) hand sanitiser station options available on the market? The Bidvest Steiner team has you covered right here. 

Hand Sanitiser Auto Spray Stand

The Hand Sanitiser Auto Spray Stand is simply amazing, as it comes with an automatic sensor spray that doesn’t require any form of physical interaction to work. Better yet? It is a portable solution that can be moved to the most important locations at the office. Settings are fully adjustable to meet the needs of your team, and it’s possible for it to dispense hand or surface sanitiser. Not only that, but its aesthetically pleasing nature means it looks like something from the future as well.

Foam Touch Free Seat Sanitiser Dispenser

With the Foam Touch Free Seat Sanitiser Dispenser, you might be getting something a little more old school, but it does provide dependable reassurances relative to potential contamination from bathroom surfaces. The classic white range is a bestseller for a reason, mostly because it provides a one shot foaming system that has been tried and tested for decades. The small viewing window also helps with managing stock levels, and the touch free sensor takes the product to a whole new level.

Spray Touch Free Dispenser

Next up, the Spray Touch Free Dispenser should be on your list of considerations. It is a fully automatic battery operated dispenser with an effective spray nozzle. We like this dispenser because it can be topped up in 650ml increments, which is a decent amount if you’re running a small to medium sized business. Although it might look like the design would fit in best in medical practice, a wide variety of industries are banking on this innovative product in their offices in South Africa. 

Reinol Hand Cleaner Dispenser

We shouldn’t forget about the Reinol Hand Cleaner Dispenser, whichf offers an incredible 600 washes per refill cartridge. This dispenser is affordable and skin friendly, and better yet, the ingredients used in the hand cleaner itself are produced from more than fifteen natural ingredients and essential oils. Although not entirely touchless, this dispenser caught our eye because of its suitability to workshop environments, and because frankly, it looks a little different to the traditional dispenser out on the market.

Liquid Touch-Free Dispenser

Last but not least, the Liquid Touch Free Dispenser offers a great touchless hand sanitiser station solution. This battery operated dispenser has a staggering 1L refill option, which means that you won’t be running around keeping it maintained all that often. It has been designed to control the shot size, which helps to keep things consistent and reduces the chances of spillage or overuse from employees. The grey design makes it a winner in our books, and if you’re looking for a solution that will stand the test of time, the Liquid Touch Free Dispenser is a good way to go.

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