Why smoking station bins remain necessary

Bidvest Steiner

Various business sectors are becoming more aware of workplace health and safety practices that protect employees. For example, giving up tobacco cigarettes is widely regarded as one of the most cost-effective ways to improve overall workplace well-being and productivity. However, it takes a long time for people to give up smoking for good, and there’s no way for businesses to force their staff to quit smoking. In addition, their customers and visitors may also be smokers. As a result, it’s crucial for your business to provide dedicated smoking areas with smoking station bins to keep these areas tidy and maintain a professional appearance.

Many businesses are providing smoking areas for individuals that remove others from passive smoke exposure at any time. In these outdoor locations, the harmful smoke can dissipate into the air, reducing the immediate risk to others. However, in some cases, buildings lack a designated smoking area, resulting in casual gatherings that may make your office appear unprofessional. Furthermore, cigarette butts can end up in your gardens and parking lots if you don’t have proper disposal equipment like smoking station bins. Since cigarette butts remain an unsightly by-product of tobacco smokers that can mar your business’ otherwise pristine appearance, smoking station bins have become essential.

Parks and other public areas should also be fitted with smoking station bins to prevent children and pets from unhygienic exposure to cigarette butts.

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Bidvest Steiner offers a range of smoking station bins. Choose from free-standing units to wall-mounted smoking station bins to provide a neat and hygienic area. Please browse our website and ask for an obligation-free assessment to assist in maintaining a safe work environment.


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