Why consider touch-free soap dispensers

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Touch-free soap dispensers have advantages, whether used in a hospital, an office, or a hotel and are a significant advancement in hand hygiene.

Before you install them, it’s crucial to contact a reputable touch-free soap dispenser supplier in South Africa to avoid common issues. These suppliers generally offer various designs, materials, finishes, and soap to choose from.

Any touch-free soap dispenser supplier in South Africa will recommend this solution for two key benefits:

Touch-free dispensers offer a high level of hygiene because no one needs to touch the dispenser with their hands, meaning users don’t get in contact with soap residue or bacteria.

In addition, touch-free dispensers are extremely simple to use, with a sensor automatically dispensing the appropriate amount of soap or hand sanitiser.


In addition to liquid, foam, or spray soap, touch-free dispensers can hold various fillings, including hand sanitiser, lotions, and seat sanitisers. Touch-free soap dispenser suppliers in South Africa provide units that can be wall-mounted for added convenience. Furthermore, the dispensers have cartridge sizes to suit your needs.


Touch-free soap dispensers are available in different materials, including stainless steel, aluminium, or plastic.

Is a touch-free dispenser the best option?

Because of their high level of hygiene, touch-free liquid soap dispensers are appropriate for hospitals, dental practices, and care institutions. In addition, guests at hotels and restaurants will appreciate the convenience and hygiene of touch-free soap dispensers.

Additional benefits of touch-free soap dispensers

  • They draw attention due to their modern appearance and can increase hand hygiene compliance.
  • They are extremely simple to set up.
  • They dispense a standardised amount of hand soap.
  • They eliminate a common point of contact where germs can spread.

Contact Bidvest Steiner for details

Bidvest Steiner has provided touch-free soap dispensers to schools, healthcare facilities, government agencies, and other corporate customers. While manual dispensers still allow for good hygiene, touch-free soap dispensers add an extra layer of protection.

Please browse our website and discover why we are a leading touch-free soap dispenser supplier in South Africa and ask for an obligation-free assessment to assist in maintaining a safe work environment.


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