What is antimicrobial treatment?

What is antimicrobial treatment? | Bidvest Steiner

Antimicrobial treatments are required in food manufacturing plants to maintain clean and sanitary premises and production. As a result, facilities that manufacture products intended for human consumption are inspected frequently to ensure they meet stringent hygiene standards. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that your plant or manufacturing equipment meets these standards through regular antimicrobial treatments.

What exactly is antimicrobial therapy?

An antimicrobial treatment uses specialised chemicals to remove all bacteria from various surfaces. These antimicrobial treatments are required for micro-organisms and bacteria that cannot be seen with the naked eye, often referred to as biofilm.

What is biofilm?

Bacterial biofilm is a potentially hazardous growth comprising micro-organisms that stick together and start growing on surfaces. Biofilms form when bacteria, fungi, and other micro-organisms and will grow in any environment, including underground, above ground, and even in water.

Micro-organisms attach to one another via an extracellular polymeric substance (EPS) composed of protein, sugar, and nucleic acids. Once established, the biofilm reseeds, and clumps break off to form on other surfaces.

To treat biofilm, a professional technician must apply antimicrobial treatments effectively.

Where are antimicrobial treatments used?

Biofilm and micro-organism growth can occur on any surface, including walls, ceilings, benches, and handles and on any material, including wood, tile, paint, and metal. As a result, surfaces and machinery must be treated with approved antimicrobial treatments.

Why should you choose us?

Bidvest Steiner takes pride in our high-quality professionalism and dedication to health and safety. In addition, our teams are experts in antimicrobial treatments.

Please browse our website to find the right Bidvest hygiene option for your application and ask for an obligation-free assessment to assist in maintaining a safe work environment. We have expert technicians who can treat various surfaces in commercial and industrial settings.



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