The Best Way To Wash Your Car

Most people send their cars to the car wash because they hate the tedious nature of doing it themselves. However, washing your car yourself is going to save you money and a drive to the local car-wash. It will also be more gratifying and there are some who say it’s therapeutic. If you clean haphazardly, you could possibly render a negative effect on your car. That said here are some effective pointers that will serve you well when washing your car.

You should wash your car regularly, do not wait until a layer of dirt starts to accumulate as it can sometimes cause damage to the paint-work. If your car looks a bit dirty, wash it!

Before you wash your car, ensure that you park it in a shaded spot. Sunlight will trigger premature drying which can leave splotches on the paint. Leave all items that you will require, near your car.

You should then fill two buckets of water and add car wash soap to one of them. Don’t forget to make sure that all windows are closed to ensure that the inside does not get unnecessarily wet.

Give your car a good hosing to loosen the stubborn dirt, aiming the hose pipe downwards. If you aim the pipe upwards at the windows, water may seep through if the rubber seal is defective. Remember to try conserve water where possible, don’t just leave the hose running or even better fill up only a couple of buckets to use to instead of hosing.

Douse a large sponge in the soapy water, ensuring that it is soft and will not scratch your car and then gently wash the outside with it. It will be a good idea to wash your car section by section.

Circle it a few times to make sure you have not missed any spots. Frequently rinse the soapy water and dirt off the car with clean water. Do not leave the soapy water to dry on its own as it could possibly leave water stains. You should regularly douse the car with plain water to prevent that.

You should leave the wheels and lower body for last as they get dirtiest the fastest and accumulate the most grit so you will need to spend more time cleaning that area. As that section has the most dirt, it is advisable that you use a separate sponge to wash it.

Before you move on to the tyres, make sure you dry the car and the windows, to avoid leaving residual marks. Use a microfiber drying towel to dry off the windows of excess water that remains and use a clean drying towel to dry the remainder of the car.

The tire side walls should be scrubbed with a brush and if you want to give it a little extra, you can polish it with tire polish. After you are done washing it make sure that you dry it with a clean, dry cloth.

If you are going to clean the interior of your car, make sure that you vacuum the inside, shampoo the mats and you can polish the steering wheel, dashboard and gearbox. Lastly, if you have fabric upholstery lined car-seats, use carpet cleaner to clean it.

Once you’ve completed your DIY car wash, make sure you dispose of any rubbish found in your car and then ensure you get rid of the dirt accumulated from the car wash itself. Dispose of it correctly, by washing it down a sewage drain or outside drain. Do not just dispose of it in your driveway or garden, as the chemicals within the car cleaning detergents may be harmful to the environment. Give the cleaning equipment used a good hand wash, so that everything is ready for your next car wash.

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