5 quick pest prevention tips for the workplace

Pest prevention is better than pest annihilation? Owning your own business comes with many responsibilities, whether you are renting or you own the office space you operate from, it’s up to you, to maintain a clean and safe workplace for your employees. Although there are circumstances that may be out of your control, such as your employees carrying in certain pests unintentionally or flying pest’s entering your office space, there are however precautions that you can take to prevent pest invasions.

Before we delve into pest prevention tips, lets talk about why pests are a problem? Not only are they unpleasant but pests also carry diseases which can put your employees at risk. Pests can cause damage to your office space and ruin your business’s reputation. With proper pest prevention and control you can prevent and eliminate any nasty surprises.

Prevention Tip #1: Cleanliness

An obvious one, but an important factor to preventing a pest invasion, there needs to be a system in place. Whether you hire a cleaning company to take care of  your daily cleaning or you have a cleaning roster in place to keep the office clean it is highly recommended to implement daily cleanliness regimes. Without regular cleaning efforts your office may become the perfect breeding ground for a variety of pests including cockroaches, ants and flies.

Prevention Tip #2: Take the Trash Out

Ok, another obvious one! It is important to ensure that your disposal bins are cleaned out regularly. Rotting food can attract a number of different pests and can create awful odors, which can make work unpleasant for your employees. Just like tip #1, make sure there is a regime in place.

Prevention Tip #3 Remove Water sources

Water is one of the main reasons that offices attract pests, particularly rodents. Why rodents? Rodents need water just like humans need water. Look out for leaking plumbing or faulty air conditioners, even water puddles in the sink, or on benches can create the perfect playground for rodents.

Prevention Tip #4 Plants

Before investing in office plant décor, do some research beforehand. When plants are not properly cared for they can quickly become home to a number of pests. Fungus gnats are common in office plants, and are caused from incorrect watering. Regularly checking, and following the plant’s care guidelines is highly recommended.

Prevention Tip #5 Look out for pest invasion signs

Regularly looking out for signs of pests, for example pest droppings around the office, food going missing or damaged food packaging, increased pest sightings and even unusual sickness of employees. Stopping invasions early is also a preventative measure you can take, before the pest problem amplifies.

Find out about our integrated pest management solutions, which offer a complete solution for the efficient management of pest activities. Pest control is a partnership between the client and Bidvest Steiner our goal is to have and keep the clients premise pest free.

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