The Best Hand Dryer Suppliers in South Africa

Public bathroom that uses hand dryers for hygiene purposes

Moving away from using a loose paper towel roll in the bathroom office? Great stuff! This is an important move in the bid to keep the setting as hygienic as possible, and to lessen the chances that one of the members of your team will spread germs to others. This could turn into half the staff being on sick leave with a cold while the rest of the team has to try and pick up the slack. Hand dryers may have been popularised by their use in malls over the years, but these days they are an essential component of any public bathroom. Today, we’ll touch on the best hand dryer suppliers in South Africa — each of which is worth looking into when you’re on the market for new ones for your business. 


Why Hand Dryers (Air Towels) Matter

Hand dryers (also known as air towels) matter more than ever in 2021. These help to decrease exposure to germs by providing a drying system that doesn’t involve using a hand towel that has been touched by someone else before you. At the same time, they help you to do away with messy paper towels, which more often than not end up next to the bin on the floor, on the adjacent counter. Cross-infection happens when we touch something that has been contaminated, and using a hand dryer minimises the risk of this happening. As the pandemic continues to roll on, this is still a vital factor in helping to stop the spread of the disease. 



When you’re on the lookout for new hand dryers, Chilli-B has stainless steel solutions that are worth having a look at. Their wide range of air towels are manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel, making them some of the most durable options out there on the market. We love that their machines have an automatic cut-off functionality, so on top of having a hygienic space you won’t have to worry about an exorbitant electricity bill. Their models even come with adjustable sensitivity and vandal resistant locks, just in case you’re worried about a disgruntled employee taking out their frustration on such a beautiful piece of machinery. 


Generic hand dryer to showcase what they look like


Green Hygiene

Also consider Green Hygiene when you’re after a few hand dryer quotes. One of their models, the Xlerator, is marketed as the “king of hand dryers”. This stainless steel beauty is one of seven different types you can choose from in their catalogue, and is renowned for drying hands in under ten seconds. On top of this, it requires very little maintenance and uses a fifth of the electricity of conventional dryers. It also looks like it was designed in the year 2088. If you’re keen on seeing it for yourself, reach out to their team, who are based in Gardens in Cape Town. 


Bidvest Steiner

We can’t talk about the best hand dryer suppliers in South Africa without mentioning Bidvest Steiner and their extensive range of options for residential and commercial use. Their SABS compliant options are designed for quick hand drying and to reduce general office waste. From the 360 Sateen to the Steiner X Chrome, as well as the Trimline SS, it’s worth doing a price check on all their options. Because they have been in business since 1958, and to this day continue enhancing and innovating their products, you know that you’re getting the best of the best in hygiene when you choose one or more of their options.

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