Bidvest Steiner and the future of hygiene

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Redefining Cleanliness: Innovating for Future-Ready Property Management and Enhanced Comfort

In the realm of facility management and environmental sustainability, Bidvest Steiner stands tall as a beacon of innovation. From tackling pest control with futuristic technology to addressing hygiene needs with smart solutions, Bidvest Steiner continues to redefine industry standards. Let’s delve into how Bidvest Steiner’s groundbreaking innovations are reshaping the way we manage properties and design for the future.


Robo Falcon:

Bidvest Steiner’s Robo Falcon takes bird control to new heights, quite literally. This robotic bird of prey serves as a silent sentinel, guarding rooftops from unwanted avian visitors like pigeons and hadeda ibises. With its lifelike appearance and motion sensors, it effectively deters pest birds, offering a humane and environmentally friendly solution to a persistent problem.


Flowsaver and Aerator Top Attachment:

Water conservation is a pressing global issue, and Bidvest Steiner addresses it head-on with their Flowsaver and Aerator Top Attachment. By retrofitting existing faucets with these innovative devices, water usage can be significantly reduced without sacrificing performance. This simple yet effective solution not only saves water but also lowers utility costs, making it a win-win for both businesses and the environment.


CHI – Connected Hygiene Intelligence:

At the forefront of Bidvest Steiner’s innovation lies CHI, Connected Hygiene Intelligence, a comprehensive platform that seamlessly integrates technology with service excellence. CHI provides real-time insights into restroom consumables usage, foot traffic patterns, and customer feedback. Smart sensors monitor supply levels, ensuring timely replenishment, while interactive touchpoints enable customers to share their experiences and suggestions, driving continuous improvement.

Boardroom Concierge Buttons:

CHI extends its reach beyond restroom facilities with the introduction of boardroom concierge buttons. These intuitive devices streamline communication between occupants and facility management, allowing instant access to assistance or service requests. Whether it’s adjusting room temperature, requesting refreshments, or resolving technical issues, CHI ensures seamless operations, enhancing productivity and comfort in the boardroom.


Sanitary Menstrual Product Vending Machines and Dispensers:

Bidvest Steiner recognizes the importance of promoting hygiene and accessibility, especially when it comes to menstrual health. Their innovative vending machines and dispensers provide convenient access to sanitary products in public restrooms, schools, and workplaces. By breaking down barriers and stigma surrounding menstruation, Bidvest Steiner fosters a more inclusive and equitable environment for all.


In conclusion, Bidvest Steiner’s commitment to innovation extends far beyond conventional boundaries. From robotic guardians to IoT-powered solutions and menstrual health initiatives, they continue to push the envelope, driving positive change in the industry and beyond. As we look towards the future, one thing is certain: with Bidvest Steiner leading the way, the possibilities are limitless.


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