Period Poverty in South Africa

Period Poverty in South Africa

The current issue with Period Poverty

Menstruation often takes a backseat when discussing the overall wellbeing of employees and students. Unfortunately, in South Africa, a significant number of individuals face the challenges of period poverty, resulting in missed work and school days due to a lack of resources. This blog post aims to shed light on this issue, emphasize the importance of menstrual education, highlight the startling statistics surrounding period poverty in South Africa, and present a practical solution offered by Bidvest Steiner.

Know the facts.

Period poverty is a pressing concern in South Africa, impacting the lives of millions of girls and women. Consider these alarming facts:

  1. Up to 7 million girls and women in South Africa lack access to menstrual products, leaving them unprepared for their periods.
  2. Girls who miss school due to period-related issues are more likely to experience academic setbacks and even drop out.
  3. The country is grappling with a significant gap in menstrual education, further exacerbating the problem.

Here is our Solution.

To combat period poverty, two crucial components must be prioritized: education and access. It is in the best interest of organizations, such as schools and businesses, to provide necessary resources, ensuring the comfort and safety of their students or employees. Bidvest Steiner, committed to eradicating the stigma surrounding menstruation, offers an effective solution by promoting both education and accessibility. With the addition to SHE bins and packet dispensers, we are creating a full solution for proper menstrual hygiene.

Bidvest Steiner has introduced an innovative offering that caters to the needs of individuals facing period poverty: the sanitary product vending machine and product dispenser.

Sanitary Product Vending Machine:

The vending machine is designed to work seamlessly with COGES tags, providing employees with a predetermined quantity of tampons or pads. Strategically placed near bathrooms or in quieter areas of the building, these machines offer discreet and convenient access to menstrual products.

Sanitary Product Dispenser:

The wall dispenser, a wall-mounted unit, dispenses tampons and pads individually. Stocked with Lil-lets products, this dispenser ensures a hygienic and easily accessible solution. By incorporating the cost of consumables into the rental agreement, organizations can ensure a consistent supply of sanitary products.

The Benefits of Implementation:

By integrating these units into your organization, you contribute to the collective effort of improving access to menstrual products during a challenging time. The provision of these resources removes the awkwardness and panic associated with not having sanitary products readily available, fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment.


Period poverty is a significant issue in South Africa, impacting the lives of countless individuals. By prioritizing menstrual education and providing access to sanitary products, organizations can play a crucial role in combating this problem. Bidvest Steiner’s sanitary product vending machines and free dispensers offer practical solutions that contribute to a more comfortable and inclusive environment. Together, let’s end the stigma surrounding menstruation and ensure the wellbeing of all individuals, regardless of their gender. Contact us today to join us in the efforts towards period equality!

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