Connected Hygiene Intelligence: IoT for cleaning

Connected Hygiene Intelligence, IOT solution from Bidvest Steiner


Data. It’s all businesses can talk about these days. Whether consumer insight, operational reports, or resource management, metrics are being tracked and analyzed through various systems. Then came the development of The Internet of Things. This technology is widely recognized as smart home devices and internet-enabled tech, including smart phones, wearables, and sensors in industrial machines.

Defining IoT

The term Internet of Things is used to categorize technology that connects the physical world to the digital. By utilizing a series of sensors, detectors, transmitters, and microcomputers, whole networks can be established to make life easier and enable more effective analysis.

Smart Buildings

Through IoT, these devices have been implemented by many property owners to monitor several aspects of their buildings, such as:

  • Electricity usage
  • Automation of tasks
  • Safety regulations
  • Security
  • Air conditioning and heating systems

These are a few examples of what is possible in smart buildings, usually communicating via mobile data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or radio frequencies. A daisy chain of automation and information transfer can be created by multiple units, mapping out a digital twin of the environment.

Introducing Connected Hygiene Intelligence

The innovation and benefits of IoT integration have been observed by Bidvest Steiner, who now presents an answer: C.H.I! C.H.I stands for Connected Hygiene Intelligence. IoT is now being implemented in resource management, hygiene status, and environmental status. Have you ever rushed to the bathroom and been shocked to find no toilet paper? Or waved your hand in confusion, waiting for soap to be dispensed, but it never is?

Not only is the amount of consumables available alerted by our system, but the tracking of cleaner activity, air quality, and footfall counting is also offered. This can help keep track of the needed frequency of cleaning, the correct usage of consumables, and the overall air quality.

The Dashboard

With all the data collected, an easy-to-read report will be updated and highlighted by our Steiner Portal. The patterns and statuses can be accessed via PC, smartphone, and tablet, making property management smarter than ever before. Through up-to-date data transfers, you can get current information and statuses with the usage of consumables, triggered alerts, visit patterns and cleaner activity.



Through data-driven solutions, C.H.I. is designed with convenience and expert property management in mind, which will make hygiene insightful and effective.  Our sensors and specially crafted systems will know your workspace on a microscopic level, giving you a new perspective on your property.


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