OXY Supreme: Revitalize Your Workspace with Ease

OXY Supreme by Bidvest Steiner
Step into a new era of workplace freshness with Bidvest Steiner’s OXY Supreme. In this blog, we’ll explore its standout features: 60 days of uninterrupted fragrance, an innovative mechanism, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability.

Seamless Freshness:

Bid farewell to constant air freshener changes. OXY Supreme ensures your workspace stays fresh for an impressive 60 days, effortlessly managed by our team. From renting units to seamless maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

Smart Mechanism for Consistent Fragrance:

OXY Supreme distinguishes itself with a smart mechanism, guaranteeing a seamless fragrance experience without interruptions. No intermittent sprays, dips, spikes, or fading scents. It’s a dependable choice, surpassing the limitations of traditional aerosol devices.

Embracing Eco-Friendly Practices:

Make a conscious choice for your workspace by opting for the greener alternative – OXY Supreme. Boasting seven times more efficiency than traditional spray air fresheners, it offers cost-effectiveness and aligns with sustainable practices.

Efficient Bad Smell Elimination with Neutralox:

OXY Supreme introduces Neutralox for comprehensive odour elimination, actively targeting bad smells instead of merely masking them. For specific needs, our separate Neutralox refill provides flexibility.

Seamless Transition to a Fresher Environment:

Transitioning to a fresher workspace is easy with Bidvest Steiner. Our installation and maintenance processes are not only simple but also ensure a smooth switch. Say goodbye to DIY headaches and welcome a workspace that not only smells great but is also aligned with eco-friendly practices.
Transform your workspace effortlessly with Bidvest Steiner’s OXY Supreme. Enjoy 60 days of uninterrupted fragrance, smart mechanisms, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability. Make the switch today, and let us handle the details, allowing you to focus on a workspace that’s not just fresher but also environmentally conscious.

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