Happy International Women’s Day from Bidvest Steiner

International Women's Day at Bidvest Steiner

Empowering women at Bidvest Steiner

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, Bidvest Steiner steps boldly into a new era, a symbol of inclusivity and progress. Departing from traditional norms, our commitment isn’t just spoken; it’s a concrete effort to reshape the workplace narrative. Within our offices, we actively provide free sanitary products, a tangible stride towards empowerment.

Resolving Period Poverty: Taking Action Beyond Borders

The challenge of period poverty isn’t lost on us. In South Africa, around 7 million girls face the unaffordability of sanitary products. Additionally, restricted access to menstrual hygiene essentials causes 30% of women to miss school. Bidvest Steiner steadfastly resolves to be part of the solution, bridging these gaps and empowering women. Through our sanitary vending machines and dispensers that provide accessible products, your staff and students need not worry of being without these necessities.

Empowering Through Access: The Global Impact

The struggle extends globally, with at least 500 million women lacking essential facilities during their menstrual cycles. Bidvest Steiner feels a sense of duty to contribute to this global issue, championing the cause for change on an international scale. Our efforts resonate not just locally but with a broader vision of empowerment and inclusivity. By implementing sanitary product dispensers and disposal bins in your workplace, you are assisting in making life easier for those who need it.

Joining the Movement: Empowering Others to Act

In redefining workplace norms, Bidvest Steiner extends an open invitation. Join the #EndPeriodPoverty movement by sharing this initiative within your company, school, or business. Be a pivotal force in the collective effort to create a meaningful impact, fostering an environment that is not just equitable but also supportive. Consider supporting NPO Mama Flo, a key player in the fight against period poverty.
On International Women’s Day, Bidvest Steiner proudly positions itself at the forefront of change. Our commitment isn’t confined to rhetoric; it’s a tangible, action-oriented stance that empowers women and reshapes the landscape of menstrual hygiene. Let’s journey together towards an era where period poverty is eradicated, and every woman experiences the support and access she rightfully deserves.

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