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As the heat rises there is no doubt that spring has passed and the summer months are upon us. Spring is generally the time of year for fresh beginnings, which for many people, means that it is a good time to get rid of the old to make way for the new, and conduct a thorough clean of their premises; whether they be a domicile or a place of work.
Though coming so close to the end of the year, as spring does, it isn’t always easy to set the hubbub of life aside to make time for a little cleaning, and so many all-too-busy people tend to overlook the need for a spring clean. Now that the year is winding down to an end, however, making time for it is a little easier; which brings us to the title of this article, that it is never too late for a spring clean.

What Have You Accumulated Since your Last Spring Clean?

During the year, and without us really noticing, life happens at a pace that we can’t always keep up with, which means that there are certain aspects of our lives that might be overlooked. One such aspect is cleaning. Not just the regular mopping up and taking out the rubbish; but thorough deep cleaning that goes above and beyond your standard household (or office-space) chores.

Take some time to do away with all of those things that your indoor spaces have gathered throughout the year. Empty containers, old clothes, worn-down utensils, old documents and slips… the lot. You would be surprised at how many things you’ve gathered over the year that you simply don’t need.
These items won’t be going anywhere without being actively removed, and before long, you’ll find that they accumulate to the point where they clutter your indoor spaces. Hoarding is a real problem for some people. So ask yourself each time you pick something up whether or not it has a viable use, or if you are just saving it for a rainy day that will never come.

It’s not just about Throwing Stuff Away

Getting rid of the year’s supply of clutter is just one part of a spring-clean, and it’s the easier bit. The rest of it requires some serious elbow grease; a thorough scrub-down of those areas of the home and office that never (for reasons of convenience) get a proper clean. I’m talking about areas like walls, doorknobs, inside of cupboards, in the oven and in corners and crevices that often go overlooked.

This type of deep cleaning worried to use the word deep cleaning as this will confuse people with our normal deep cleaning of bathrooms. is arguably the most important part of a spring clean and ensures that indoor spaces are kept hygienic. These areas may, over the year, gather dust, debris, or in extreme circumstances, mould and mildew, which can actually contribute to an unhealthy environment.

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