How to Keep Rodents Out of Your Home or Office

Common rodent found in homes and offices in South Africa

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting quietly at your desk at the office, or having a glass of wine on the couch after a long week, and suddenly you hear little footsteps on the roof. At first you may think it’s just leaves blowing in the wind, but after a couple more minutes it becomes evident that you may have a rodent problem in the space. The general dislike of rodents has less to do with the fact that they invade our private spaces, and more to do with the fact that they are estimated to contaminate up to 20% of the world’s total food supply. They also carry diseases that are harmful to humans. For this reason, knowing how to keep them out of the home or office is a crucial skill that everyone in the country should be equipped to do. 


Specific Rodents Common to South Africa

Preventing rodent infestations is easier when you know a little more about the different types typically found across the country. Three specific ones are spread across South Africa, namely house mice, brown rats and roof rats. These each have their own unique strategies and survival instincts. If you’ve already got a problem, identifying the type of rodent can make solving the problem a little easier. There are countless other rodent types around the world, but these three cause the most heachaches in local office and home spaces. 


The Signs of Infestation

Nobody likes to find out that they have a rodent infestation in their space, but if the key signs are there, there is no use in being in denial that you have an issue. Keep an eye out for droppings, tracks, gnawing damage on cables, grease marks on the walls and ceilings, the distinctive “rat smell” and the audio indicators that commonly come with movement in the roof and across the space. There’s no need to panic when you spot these, as there are things you can implement to handle the situation, and to prevent it from happening again in future. 


A rodent found outside an office space


Deterring Rodents from Home or the Office

Prevention starts with maintaining a sanitary space at all times. One simple deterrent is to make sure that all cutlery is clean at the end of the day. Empty garbage cans regularly, and make sure that bin bags are not spilling over into the bins unexpectedly. Encase all food items in containers, and pay extra attention to the kitchen and pantry. In terms of the structure of the building, seal all open holes and look out for cracks where they may be able to enter. Replace loose tiles whenever possible, and take note of some of the hotspots where rodents may want to enter. 


An Extra Set of Hands To Help

If you need a bit of help with this, or with services related to pest control at home or the office, contact us for an evaluation and some expert advice. From preventative monitoring to non-toxic baiting, we’ve got you covered no matter the size or shape of the space. Our team has years of experience with helping homes and businesses to stay rodent-free. With experience dealing with all types of rodents, we’ll be able to put you on your way in no time at all.

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