How to Deep Clean Your Office After COVID-19 or Other Viral Exposure

Cleaning products to help sanitise the office after COVID-19 exposure

The world has never been as health and sanitation conscious as it is during the pandemic, and various experts suggest that people will still prioritise this long after the pandemic is over. Whether your office has been exposed to COVID-19 or a different kind of virus, it helps to know more about the steps you need to take in order to get the space back to its usual hygienic self. From the first thing to do all the way through to thinking about long term sanitation, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know right here. 


The First Step After Direct Exposure

Although it’s wise to get a professional cleaning company in, for businesses that prefer to take care of the process themselves, the first step after immediate exposure is to close off all areas used by the person who brought the virus into the office. That includes any communal space, bathrooms and their workspace. Wait 24 hours (or longer) before starting the cleaning or disinfection process, and open all doors and windows for as long as possible to improve air circulation in the space. If it’s practical for the business to do so, send the team home so they can work remotely while the problem is fully resolved. 


Disinfecting The Affected Office Space

If you’ve waited a day or two, there is less likelihood that you or the cleaner will be exposed to the virus. Be mindful that it’s not known how long COVID-19 lingers on surfaces at this stage, so it’s crucial to take as many preventative steps as possible. Equip yourself with as much PPE as possible and avoid your skin coming into direct contact with possibly contaminated surfaces. Start the cleaning process with diluted household bleach, or alcohol solutions that have at least 70% alcohol. Wear gloves and wash your hands immediately after if you’ve been involved in any part of the cleaning operation. Check product labels for further advice on how long to leave products on surfaces and opt for the highest possible safety approved concentrations of chemicals. 


Cleaning a phone in the office after COVID exposure in the team


Open Communication With Employees

Once the team returns to the workplace, it’s important to retain open communication with them in order to avoid contamination again in future. In terms of COVID-19, encouraging the team to get vaccinated is a big priority. Talk to them about playing open cards when they start to feel any symptoms of all types of viral infections, and remind them that they can work from home if they have even an inkling of suspicion that they might have been infected. Hand washing saves lives, so make sure that there are sufficient signs and sanitation stations even after the pandemic, to keep a generally more hygienic operation in the long run. 


A Long Term Deep Cleaning Strategy

There are many viruses to contend with, and in a busy workplace environment there is greater risk of increased contamination and exposure. For this reason, having a long term deep cleaning strategy can make a world of difference. Our team offers deep clean services catering to all types of office spaces. With decades of experience, we’re able to handle all types of tricky unhygienic conditions. Forget about increased employee sick days due to viral exposure and give us a call to learn more about what we can do for you.

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